2016 Rangers Plays of the Year

It was a year full of great, not so great, and some head scratching plays. From the one hit Opening Day win vs King Felix, to the Drew Stubbs walk-off home run. Yes, that really happened. What about the Colby Lewis line drive off the head and then him staying in the game?! There is also the Bobby Wilson two grand slam week. I mean come on!

Hell, Carlos Gomez could fill out half of this by himself with some of the plays that he has made. What plays did make our list, though?

We’ll start with a few honorable mentions that finished just outside of the top 10 of our SDI staff voting.

Honorable Mentions

Nomar Mazara launches a massive 491 ft blast.

Carlos Gomez thrown aside like trash by the Astros, drills a three-run blast in his first Rangers at bat. It was a sign of things to come.

Colby Lewis is a legend around these parts (and only these parts). Most players who take a 100 mph line drive off the head leave the game and miss a couple of starts. Not Colby. The Coors Light drinking country boy takes one off the noggin and stays in the game! WHAT?!

Now, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Rangers plays of the year as voted on by the SDI staff.


After enduring steady rain for about four innings, the game was finally delayed in the top of the 9th. Only because Joe Girardi didn’t like what he was seeing from his closer Aroldis Chapman and cried to the umpires to stop the game. Banister was not happy but Adrian Beltre does what he does best.


It was a very eventful day with lots of fireworks. Ian Desmond‘s three-run shot was the games deciding blow, but it wasn’t even the biggest blow of the day.


Down to their final strike against division rival Seattle, Prince Fielder delivers a massive shot to right field.


It never gets old. The Rangers clinched back to back division titles for the third time in franchise history.


HE DID WHAT?! He caught that?! Andrelton Simmons is in absolute disbelief with this sick Nick Martinez behind-the-back snag.


Yu Darvish has given up a few home runs but THIS was the first time he’s been on the giving side of things. Darvish goes deep!


The Rangers were looking to land a big time arm at the deadline. They failed. But never doubt Jon Daniels and his Jedi powers. Daniels made two of the biggest trade deadline acquisitions that set the tone for the rest of the Rangers season.


Nomar Mazara is just a rookie in this league and Robinson Cano decided to try and test him. Bad idea, Canoe, bad idea. (Yes, I know it’s Cano and not Canoe but it’s a running joke so roll with it)


What would be a countdown without Rougned Odor? Odor blasts a drive to deep center, stares down the pitcher, and gets a giant bear hug from his manager.


Come on. Would there be any other play at the top of our list?! Seriously, if you thought there would be, I’m disappointed in you especially since #Revenge2016 is now in play.

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