I considered titling this article We’re At 99%, But The Deal Ain’t Done, which is a vague reference to a song I’ve never actually heard.

I also could’ve tried to work in an Occupy Wall Street thing – y’know, the 99% and all that — but it probably would’ve been a little forced. It’s not the most hip or relevant reference either.

But I digress…

Reports came out Friday afternoon that Matt Garza was pretty much a Texas Ranger. Some i’s and t’s needed to be dotted and crossed respectively, but it was essentially a done deal. One source went so far as to say it was “99 percent done”.

Then they hit some snag and nobody was quite so sure anymore. There’s still plenty of time for it to swing back the other way, but who knows?

When the Rangers traded for Cliff Lee in 2010, they called MLB’s official jersey manufacturer to order a #33 for their new ace. The woman on the phone said “…but I just talked to the Yankees and they said they need a jersey for Cliff Lee.”

We found out later that Lee really was that close to wearing pinstripes. Had Jon Daniels not thrown in Justin Smoak at the 11th hour, the histories of Texas and New York would be very different today.

From the Yankees’ perspective, the deal was pretty much done, but 99% is still not 100%. The significance of that last 1% is something that we should all keep in mind this time of year.

Press on, Rangers fans.

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Mike Luna

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