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This one doesn’t go to 11

Just about everything the Rangers could have wanted to happen Saturday happened. Except a win. And that’s not necessarily bad, either. But the story Saturday didn’t come from Detroit. It came from Arlington. According to Evan Grant, Jeff Banister termed Adrian Beltre’s Saturday as his “best day so far”. That’s far larger than anything that happened in the Motor City […]

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Rangers at Tigers: Series Preview

The Rangers completed an 8-0 home stand with a blowout victory over the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday afternoon. The team has now won nine straight games—their fourth-longest winning streak in team history and their longest since 2011. Two weeks ago, the Rangers began a 5-series run of games against teams either at or below .500. This stretch had the potential […]

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Somethings gotta give….right?

With every bullpen meltdown and display of offensive ineptitude it’s normal to think that this can’t be real. This team can’t be this bad… right? A whole team doesn’t just go into a slump and never snap out of it… do they? An entire bullpen full of guys who have proven themselves to be high quality relievers doesn’t just lose […]

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Chuck Morgan selected to IDEA Hall of Fame

Chuck Morgan has been selected to the Information Display and Entertainment Association (“IDEA”) Hall of Fame. IDEA is “the premier professional association for people in the big screen/event presentation industry”, per the association’s website.  Chuck joins fewer than two dozen members who have received this honor. Chuck serves as Texas Rangers Executive Vice President of Ballpark Entertainment and Productions. For decades of fans, […]

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Deja Vu all over again

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Rangers lost a game last night due to their lineup misfiring on all cylinders and their bullpen being unable to contain the opposing offense. This seems to be a recurring theme with the Rangers this year, and, as Yogi Berra used to say, last night was “Deja Vu all over again”. […]

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Marathon Magic

On Friday night, the Rangers started their game against the Seattle Mariners with a first inning run. Delino Deshields continued to excel in the lead off spot as he reached base on an infield single that hit Yovani Gallardo’s foot. Three batters later, Elvis Andrus, the clean-up hitter for the second straight day, hit a ground-rule double that scored Deshields, […]

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A hero in the dugout

Sometimes, a hard start to the season can make you wonder why all this matters. I mean, baseball’s a game. At the big league level, it’s a game played by millionaires. The people in the front office seem a million miles away. A handful of them are. Most of them, though, you’d run into at Kroger—except they work past Kroger’s closing […]

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It was ugly, but it was a win

The Texas Rangers defeated the Houston Astros on Thursday afternoon, 10-4. It was another bizarre game in what was a week full of bizarre games down in the Bayou City. On paper, the Rangers lost 3 of 4 games—and had little business winning Thursday, for that matter. When you take a step back though, you realize that the Rangers didn’t […]

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What a letdown

Punch to the gut. Letdown. Meltdown. Collapse. Free fall. Lost. Lack of identity. That list of words and phrases could go on for some time and all of them are fair assessments both of last night’s game and the current state of the Rangers. Last night was a letdown. 2017 has been a letdown. Last night was a gut punch. […]

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