Back To The Rangers Future

(Note: The Author may have embellished some facts in this story)

I remember that night so vividly. Doc Brown had called me and asked me to meet him at the Parks Mall in Arlington, something about an urgent matter of life or death. I showed up around midnight and there he was with his dog Rusty. I looked over his shoulder and saw this souped up Kia Soul. He explained to me that it was a time machine.

 “You built a time machine…out of a Kia Soul?” I asked him in a squeaky voice.

Suddenly a group of “Team Nolan” extremists showed up and begin shooting the Doc with t-shirt cannons. The horror was too much. I jumped in the Soul and hit the gas (naturally after I started the engine) and took off. Once the car hit 88 miles per hour I was whisked into the future.

There I was in parking lot M at Rangers Ballpark Globe Life Park in Arlington. I managed to sneak my way into the game and was shocked when I saw Rougned Odor playing second base for the Rangers. Where’s Profar? Why is Odor up already in the bigs? Then I saw his grittiness and style of play that the scouts had been talking about. This guy was amazing. I suddenly wanted this guy to stay around forever. Profar who?

Then there was this Jake Smolinski guy. I had heard of him before but not enough to form any real good opinion. He seemed to get on base all the time whether it was a base hit or a walk. I really, really liked this guy.

But it didn’t stop there. I saw players like Luis Sardinas, Nick Martinez, Chris Giminez, Ryan Feierabend and Roman Mendez. This was awesome being able to witness the team’s future!

I spent a week at the ballpark absorbing all that I could. Suddenly one night Chuck Morgan began playing Chuck Berry and I felt this urge to have to return home. I made my way back to my car, sped down Randol Mill road and was whisked back to the past just in time to rescue the Doc from the pelting that was about to ensue.

The next morning I woke up. Had it all been just a crazy dream? Maybe. But then I remembered that I actually had seen those guys play. The future was here, albeit a bit earlier than expected. I realized at that moment that, while the season may be lost, the fans should enjoy the game for what it is and enjoy watching our youth…our future. I know I will.

James Holland

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