Baseball Jesus Speaks: An Interview with Mike Rhyner (Part 3)


This is the third and final installment of our interview with Mike. For the whole interview, click here.

SDI: Other than you, who is the biggest Rangers fan at the Ticket?

MR: Among the frontliners, there’s not really one. Their allegiances seem to be with the Cowboys. You’d have to get down into the ranks of ticker guys, and there you’d find Sean Bass, a strong baseball guy. It’s not that they don’t like baseball or the Rangers. But I base this on what I think their answers would be if you told them that of the 4 professional franchises we have–Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars–3 are going to move and only one of your choosing can stay.

SDI: What’s been your best professional sports experience ever, as a fan?

MR: Game 6, 2010 AL Championship Series. Yankees & Rangers, and the Strike 3 to A-Rod is the greatest night of my sports life. No question about it.

SDI: Name one player that you would like to see the Rangers go get at the
trade deadline?

MR: There’s a lot of talk about pitchers who are pending free agents. I love Cole Hamels but I hope they don’t do this, even though they’re very much in position to load up the guns and fire a big shot if they want to, and they seem to have something Philadelphia could use, but I don’t think it’s a move they absolutely need to make. If they were fading and looking like they might fall out of contention, that would be one thing, but they’re not. Jon Daniels said that he hopes they’re not players on trade deadline day, and that’s what I hope too. If they’re going to trade some of their prospects, I would rather see that happen in the off-season when things aren’t so desperate and they might be able to make a better deal for them.

SDI: What’s more enjoyable for you? A Ranger victory or Danny & Corby
getting into it on air?

MR: I enjoy both scenarios quite a bit but few things give me the buzz of a hard-edged Ranger victory, like that friday night win over Oakland.

and finally

SDI: The Ticket has been very successful. Many of the SDI readers and SDI
writers listen everyday. What advice do you have to people out there that
are trying to pursue a dream?

MR: The main thing I’d say is don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t do something. During the Ticket start-up we had people over and over tell us that along the way and we just kept after it.. I remember one day we got a phone call from the General Manager and Sales Manager of what was at the time one of the biggest stations in the market.. One of these guys I didn’t know, but the other was a name I knew quite well, though we’d never met. Everybody in the business knew this guy; he was legendary, and a great guy. They said they wanted to come up and meet us, just a friendly welcome kind of thing. That sounded very odd to me but we thought, sure, let’s see what they have to say so we got together with them and listen to them go on and on for about an hour or so about why this was a foolish idea that couldn’t work, how there were so many factors lining up against it, how we weren’t going to able to get sponsors on board, how we had no talent that was identifiable to anyone, and how what we needed to do was abandon the project immediately before we throw any more money at it and embarrass ourselves. Undaunted, we told them we’d take all this under advisement and kept on. And about a year after we’d been on the air, they bought us and he became our General Manager and was not about to lay his hands on something that was working. I’m friends with both today, though I’ve never ‘remember the time”d either on this. If we’d taken their words to heart, a lot of things might have gone way differently.

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Patrick Despain
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