Bat Flips Get Fat Lips

Editor’s Note: The title of this article was originally posted by the House of Blues – Dallas. It was too good a headline to pass up so full credit to House of Blues.

“Excellent #want; hard-nosed style and an intense competitor; plays the game with confidence and a touch of swagger; kind of player you hate if you’re against but love to have on your team.”

This is how scout Jason Cole described Rougned Odors makeup back in August of 2013 while scouting him in Frisco.

If Canadians and fans of the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t hate Rougned Odor before yesterday, they do now. And apparently it’s not just the fans of the Blue Jays either:

This is from Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman who somehow tweeted this almost immediately after the brawl happened.

That’s okay, Marcus, I’d be willing to bet that Bautista has plenty of respect for him now.

I don’t need to explain how this all went down. We all know, but for anyone who wants to live it all again, here is the video.

There were a ton of people so hyped up over what happened yesterday. Society loves a good fight. We love a good punch, especially one that lands square in the jaw.

Except if you’re on the receiving end. Then you hate it and cry about it. I get it, your feelings are hurt and you’re lashing out.

Here is where I think Blue Jays fans are wrong.

Flashback to last October and the infamous bat flip. That started all of this. Rangers fans weren’t upset at the bat flip itself, we were upset about how massive the bat flip was. It happens, our feelings were hurt because of how the inning played out and that was the cherry on top.

Fast forward to this season. There was a ton of speculation about whether or not the Rangers would retaliate and drill Jose Bautista with a pitch. Whether or not we agree this is the right thing to do or not, a lot of teams and old school managers live by this rule. Okay, you bat flipped us, we want you to know we didn’t appreciate it. Here’s a fastball in the ribs for your troubles.

Most players don’t like the retaliation but they live with it. They may stare down the pitcher and that typically ends it all right there.

The retaliation never came in the four-game series in Toronto. I’d like to think that it didn’t happen for a variety of reasons. Mostly because the games were pretty tight for the most part and the situation never really presented itself. Another theory could be that the Rangers didn’t want beer bottles and trash thrown at them (and babies) like the Toronto fans did last year during the postseason. (Classy, eh?)

The retaliation finally came in the final game of a three-gamer here in Arlington. But it came in the 8th inning of a one-run game. So was it really on purpose? Was it legit retaliation? Or was this simply a mistake pitch at the absolute inopportune time?

That should have been where all of this ended. The Rangers told Bautista they didn’t appreciate his bat flip and the score is evened up, Rangers fans are happy, and we’re all moving along with our Sunday.

Nope. Bautista apparently believes he should have the last word. Bautista picked the smallest dude on the field to bow up to. Problem is, the smallest dude on the field is probably the most scrappy of them all.

Bautista went hard into second base with an illegal slide trying to take out Rougned Odor. Ya know, the guy with “Excellent #want; hard-nosed style and an intense competitor; plays the game with confidence and a touch of swagger; kind of player you hate if you’re against but love to have on your team.”

Okay, so you went hard into second base and proved your point. Now hustle back to the dugout and let’s play ball.

What’s that? You want to get into Odor’s face? That is probably not a good idea. Oh.. you want to keep walking, okay then. I tried to warn you.

Game on, son.

Odor had had enough of the Blue Jays crap. From Josh Donaldson trying to talk noise to Keone Kela to the bat flip to the hard slide from Bautista. Odor decided he wanted to even the score the best way he knew how.

I’m telling you, Joey Bats, you better stop ri..


You don’t listen too well and now your bell has been rung.

Odor leveled Bautista. I’m not talking about two players running away from each other trying to “fight” in a baseball brawl. I’m talking Mike Tyson’s punchout. I’m talking Holly Holm knocking out Rhonda Rousey. I’m talking Buster Douglas flattening Mike Tyson.

Odor’s right cross landed flush with Bautista’s big mouthed jaw and it was on.

So now all of the Blue Jays fans are crying about a “sucker punch” or how classless the Rangers are for doing what they did.

Let me stop all you Canadians right there. Scroll back up and see where I talked about the field being littered with beer bottles and trash because you and your players don’t know the rules. What about having TWO coaches thrown out on TWO separate occasions in the game? Arguing over what? The strike zone? The same strike zone Bautista cries about every time he strikes out looking?

Okay, now what was that about classless? Stop crying about everything and take your ass beating like men. Like Marshall Mathers once said:

Whatever happened to catching a good old-fashioned
Passionate ass-whooping and getting your shoes coat and your hat tooken?

Ahem. Now that we have that settled, let’s move on to the definition of a sucker punch.

A sucker punch is when someone punches another person who isn’t looking or as Meriam-Webster defines it “to punch (a person) suddenly without warning and often without apparent provocation.”

Bautista tried to stiff arm the smaller Odor like he was some school bully trying to hold the smaller kid back so he couldn’t reach him. At the same time, Joey Bats was balling up his fist and loading up to throw his own punch. Odor was faster and therefore Bautista got owned. So here is some cheese with your whine, Canada.

Your guy tried to act like a bad ass, again, and this time, he paid the price. All he needed to do was trot to first and run the bases like a normal runner and none of this happens. Instead, the 6′-0″ 215 pound Bautista got drilled in the mouth by the 5′-11″ 195 pound Venezuelan.

Jason Cole was right, you hate him if he isn’t on your team and you love him if he is.

Rougned Odor Forever.

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Billy Casey
Billy is a baseball fanatic and has been around the game since he was four years old. The first ever game he attended was in September of '89 and Pete Incaviglia denied him an autograph after he had a bad batting practice session. Billy has held a grudge since. Billy is also a baseball coach who is known to dance around the dugout like Ron Washington during big plays in the game.


  • C’mon guys, that was obviously a satirical plant.
    And an Awesome one at that!
    Kicking myself for not getting here sooner. But yeah Casey, you nailed it. What no one anywhere was talking about was that Bautista was indeed in the middle of going full on menacing bully toward Odor, and as pretty much happens anytime someone stands up to a bully, he got owned. Then, as a bully always does, he tries to make himself out the victim.

  • You Americans are always saying Canadians are un educated about baseball culture. You might friend, don’t seem to know a fucking thing about the game, or at least, your understand is limited to that of an 8 year old. Have fun living in the worst state in the Union you death penalty loving racists!

    • Let’s break this down.
      1. I never said anything about Canadians being uneducated about baseball culture. So I’m not entirely sure out of which orifice you pulled that from.
      2. If I don’t know anything about the game, please enlighten me as to what I am missing. I would love to learn more. It never hurts to get more education.
      3. We aren’t a state in the Union, we are our own Country. 🙂

      Have a great day, Anonymous.

    • Big talk coming from someone without the guts to log in or even make up a fake name.

      Also, I hope French is your first language. If it isn’t, your English is terrible.

      For someone who is whining about a stereotype (which wasn’t even alluded to in this article or even mentioned at all until you brought it up,) you sure did hit a couple of unfounded stereotypes… there’s no racism here, and you don’t know how anyone here feels about the death penalty.

    • Mr. Anonymous, judging from the grammar in your comment you’ve done more to convince readers that Canadians are uneducated than any American could have.

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