The Chicago Cubs Can’t Become the Yankees

I watched the fan videos from Chicago for hours yesterday. I thought of my time at Wrigley a couple of years ago, and how much fun it would be to be in that city on Saturday night. All the die-hard Chicago Cubs with tears in their eyes, and lumps in their throats. How much fun it would be to walk around that city the next few days. I remember that feeling. Just a day before the six-year anniversary of Neftali Feliz striking out Alex Rodriguez for the final out and for the first AL Pennant in Texas Rangers history.

I know this feeling.

I know what it’s like to shake beer and spray every stranger in your immediate area. What it’s like to hug another dude while both of you cry. How badly my throat hurt in the most awesome way the next day. The smell of newly printed t-shirts and caps with that Fall Classic logo on it. And the hope that the next set would say CHAMPIONS. What an amazing moment.

And the hope that the next set would say CHAMPIONS. What an amazing moment.

Unfortunately Cubs, this is where it has to end for you. I can’t root for you to win the World Series. I just can’t.

You see twelve years ago, there was a Robin to your Batman. There was the 2004 Boston Red Sox. As a Rangers fan first, and Yankee hater second, the Red Sox were my second team of choice, along with a lot of American League fans. Then the unthinkable happen. The Red Sox won the World Series. It was a feel-good story that most baseball fans relished. I had a fun moment watching the dogpile on the mound. The curse was lifted, but the reality settled in. The Red Sox were about to become the Yankees.

The Cubs are bigger than a World Series. They mean more than rings to all of us outside that city. Generations of people understand the Cubs punchline. The “curse.” The Cubs are the one consistent thing in the last century. The Cubs are Wrigley Field. They are day games. They are the Billy Goat. They have Bob Newhart and Bill Murray. Harry Carey. They have Steve Bartman. The Cubs are Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. They are “Take Me Out to The Ballgame.” They are the forever underdog. The Cubs are baseball.

What they can’t be is the driver of the biggest sports bandwagon in history. They can’t be winners with all the money in the game. They can’t be hated. They can’t be… the Yankees.

Party at Napoli’s.

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