Coming Up Rosie

There are things that come to mind when Adam Rosales is mentioned. Some of those things could be hustling to first base on a walk or the Rangers and Athletics playing hot potato with him in 2013. You could think of high socks or energy and enthusiasm. The 2014 Texas Rangers’ fifth best position player (according to Fangraphs) is something new you can add to that list.

It’s true that 2014 has been an awful year for the Rangers, but in the short time Adam Rosales has been with the club, he has performed well. He’s ranked at number five on the Fangraphs batter’s leader board with a 0.9 fWAR. In only 28 games played, Rosales has acquired over half of the value Elvis Andrus (1.6 fWAR) has in 129 games. He ranks eight places above Alex Rios and eighteen above Shin-Soo Choo, who have both played in 123 games.

In his last ten games, Rosales has been hitting decently. He’s recorded a .333/.428/.458 slash line, with four walks and three doubles. While it may not have been an award-winning performance, those last ten games were better than most of the other position players recorded, with the exception of Adrian Beltre of course, and it’s better than expected from a guy who isn’t supposed to have regular playing time. For someone who was DFA’d three times in eleven days last season, Rosales has shown why this team finally decided to keep him in Texas.

Adam Rosales was called up to the big league club on June 30th, and since then has slashed .339/.423/.565 with three homeruns and seven walks in 72 plate appearances.  In that same time frame, Elvis Andrus slashed .271/.335/.330, Adrian Beltre’s slash was .315/.383/.497, and Alex Rios’ was .248/.270/.340. All of those players had over double the plate appearances, though. If we look at their last 28 games, which is the same number as Rosales has appeared in, we see Andrus’ line as .302/.387/.358, Beltre’s as .333/.419/.471, and Rios’ as a dismal .211/.242/.274. While Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus didn’t put up bad slash lines, Adam Rosales’ numbers were still higher. We know Alex Rios has been struggling, but he should be performing better than a career bench player, and he isn’t. Adam Rosales made an impact on the club in a short span of time.

Sure, 72 plate appearances is a small sample size in a season that is going nowhere. We have the fans and critics alike that would like to see the team lose out so they can acquire that number one draft pick next year. Maybe a guy like Adam Rosales performing well is hurting those hopes and dreams, but if he has good production this year, keeping around as a bench guy next year seems more and more likely. He might be playing for a big league roster spot and succeeding. Get ready to see him sprint around the bases a few times on a contending club next season.

Emily Cates

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