Dark Days

I actually did the unthinkable on Sunday. I found myself watching more of the Cowboys game than I did the Rangers game. It seems that I was a glutton for punishment and the lack of offense by Texas recently had me going crazy and depressed at the same time. It has not been a good week for somebody who is diagnosed as being bi-polar.
When the season began I had high hopes for the Rangers but with a little hesitation as they were going to be without Colby Lewis, Matt Harrison, Neftali Feliz and Joakim Soria all on the disabled list. Turns out that pitching wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Lance Berkman had a great first month to the season and then disappeared after stubbing his toe on a piece of paper or something like that. Nelson Cruz ended up being caught eating too many Betty Rubble Flintstones’ vitamins and we are where we are right now. The Rangers have pretty much been knocked out of the division race and hang on by a thread in the Wild Card race as they enter a crucial race against the Tampa Bay Rays.

So where does the blame lay? Is this Ron Washington’s fault? I have never been his biggest supporter but he has kept this injury riddled team in contention all season. Dave Magadan? Well, you can preach patience at the plate all you want but it’s up to the hitters to buy into it. Jon Daniels? Fans can complain all they want about not spending enough in the offseason but you can’t force people to sign here unless you have compromising photos of that player (did anybody have a camera or camera phone at Sherlock’s that night?).

Yes, I will admit that of all the players to leave in the offseason I miss Mike Napoli the most.  I realize that he, with the bum hip, has been relegated to first base this season by the Red Sox but I would rather have him at first and I believe that right now he would the catalyst that this offense needs without Cruz. At the least he could help protect Adrian Beltre in the lineup.

That big bat is what is missing.

I’m not ready to call quits on the season just yet. I love my Rangers and will always have faith in them as I have since 1985. Yes, I’m old. Well, I hear a bottle of Jagermeister calling me as it consoles me and helps me believe that we will make the playoffs for a fourth straight year. How far we go depends on the offense and a clubhouse leader that I have yet to see emerge this year.

Don’t drink and drive. Or drink and write.

James Holland is a Senior Columnist for Shutdown Inning. He can be reached at James.Holland@shutdowninning.com or @SDIJamesHolland on Twitter.
James Holland

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