Darvish Debacle

On Tuesday morning Yu Darvish met with the media to discuss a plethora of topics. During the questioning he was asked about fellow countryman Masahiro Tanaka where he made a few comments that could be construed as offensive towards Tanaka. That is where the story began to morph into something it wasn’t.
When texting or tweeting you are not able to show emotion. I know this first hand by upsetting someone with a sarcastic remark in a text and I believe that is what happened here. Well-respected media members simply quoted what Darvish said, but failed to mention in the tweets that everyone was having a laugh during the conversation or that Darvish was smiling while commenting on Tanaka. It is upsetting that Yu had to backtrack and make an apology on his own because his comments were taken out of context.

Some believe that Yu may get upset over how the media is treating him and that might cause him to reconsider where he would like to go at the end of his contract. I believe that he knows full well that this situation is no fault of Texas media members, and that he could be in worse situations when it comes to the daily media circus (New York or Boston).

This situation blew over fairly quickly due the fact that Darvish was proactive in getting out in front of it and the reporters, that failed to mention the laughter, came to his defense. Twitter is a great tool for reporters to get information to the fans out there at lightning speed, but wish that it would be used to where we do not have dust ups like this. 

That being said I was always told, “half of all jokes contain the truth.” Do you think that Yu is a little jealous of the money that Tanaka got from the Yankees? If so do you think that this puts pressure on the Rangers to hammer out a deal that keeps him in a Texas uniform for longer than the 2017 season or the 2016 season if he finishes in the top three or four in the next three years. Which if he continues progressing he will accomplish that.

With the condition of the starting rotation at the moment I say throw as much cash as it is going to take to get him locked down. Then the other side of my brain chimes in and says I would like to see how he does this year before making any decisions. Do not get me wrong I think Darvish has exceeded all expectations and when you acquire a top of the rotation talent you have to exhaust everything in your arsenal to keep him on board.

With that all said Yu is an amazing pitcher and he can say whatever he would like because he is our guy and we will cheer for him no matter what.   

Matthew Ridenour

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