Defend Our House

We have less than 24 hours to pull this off, so I’ll be brief.

Rivalries are fun, and the Astros / Rangers rivalry is quickly becoming legitimate, even getting several national write-ups this week.

And while Rangers fans are (and should be) welcoming to opposing fans who want to see their team, the idea of having an Astros-sponsored “Keuchel’s Corner” at Globe Life Park, especially in a heated pennant battle? Well, that’s a bit much.

-SO- we are officially trying to purchase each and every one of the 100 or so tickets set aside for Astros fans, and make sure the section is full of red-shirted Ranger fans.


If you can come to the game, go to this link: buy however many tickets you want, and come to the game!!

If you can’t come to the game, but want to contribute:

1. If you can afford to donate a ticket, go to the above link, select the “printable” option and email the tickets to

2. If you can’t afford a ticket, but want to kick in $5-10 to make sure there’s no Keuchel’s Corner in Arlington tomorrow, send a paypal payment to
All funds will be used to purchase tickets. If there is any left over, it will be donated to Derek Holland’s 60feet6 foundation, to raise awareness and fight pediatric leukemia.

3. If you have a business and are willing to purchase X amount of tickets to donate to Rangers fans, we here at SDI will run banner ads on our website for your business and promote it via out twitter account. How long we run the ads will depend on how many tickets you decided to purchase and donate.

p.s. It is true that the Rangers and Astros have an agreement, and the Astros will be getting the money (about $3,500, in total) for these ticket sales.

As a fan of a team in a fight for a divisional race, I think it’s worth $3,500 (not enough to help them sign a free agent) to derail a rival’s promotion in our park.
Levi Weaver

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