For the Love of Opening Day

Game 1 of 162

We’ve all waited patiently (or impatiently, if we’re being honest) for this day. Baseball is officially back! The day every baseball fan has been anticipating after the last inning of the last game of the World Series… Or in my case, the last day the Texas Rangers took the field at Globe Life Park.

For some people, it’s just another baseball game that starts the regular season. But for us fans, it’s a game that brings us all together to kick off another season full of laughter, cheers, tears, anxiety, and a dictionary of curse words we didn’t even think we knew. A day we celebrate with our friends and family. It’s more than “just a game”. It’s all about traditions we’ve kept going for years and sacrificing the health of our liver for a day of solid social entertainment. It’s been a tradition for my dad and me since as far back as I could possibly remember. They are moments that I’ll cherish forever, and one day I want to be able to share these moments with my own children. Over the years, I have met so many amazing people and have learned so much about the importance of living life and actually enjoying every minute of it.

Life changing.

Opening day is like a massive birthday party that we have to plan for months in advance, just so we have extra time to iron out all of the details.

We call into work because taking a day off to celebrate baseball is the new normal in Texas. We all set up our tailgate early in the morning and fire up the grill keeping it going long into the early evening. We drink our beer, play corn hole, and eat until we have to unbutton our pants without shame. We enjoy the company of other crazy baseball fans (sometimes surpassing our crazy, but we don’t pass judgement) that are partying around us until we have to make our way into the stadium. The smell of the fresh hotdogs coming off the grill, being slathered in mustard or ketchup and relish for the go-getters. Buying an ice cold beer in a souvenir cup that costs more than a six-pack of beer by itself, but we buy them anyway because that’s what it’s all about!

Besides who doesn’t want to take home another Rangers cup home to add to our extensive collection that busts out of our cabinets, right?

It’s all about our game day superstitions that make us seem crazy, but I promise you… IT’S A THING and YES, IT MATTERS. It’s the distinct sound of the cracks of the bats during batting practice, and standing in the home run porch area hoping to catch one. It’s the excitement and glow on a child’s face because they’re getting to miss school to watch their favorite players take the field, and they’ll patiently stand there praying for an autograph from behind the dugout. They’d actually settle for a wave over in their direction.

And honestly, who wouldn’t.

It’s the memories we make year after year, it’s the way the National Anthem is sung amongst the crowd that brings tears to our eyes, followed by the excitement of seeing a flyover so immaculate it takes your breath away. It’s the joy we get out of hearing our teams starting lineup for the first time that season and thinking about how different it’s going to be for the last game of the season.

We celebrate all of the new additions to our team and make them feel at home here in Texas. And we welcome all of those returning back to us for another season. We scream out from our seats as if we know what’s best for our team because, after all, managing the game from the cheap seats is what we do. It’s all about the laughs, the occasional boo’s and the way everyone gets annoyed by the drunk guy who started the wave way out in left field. (NOT judging you guy in left field…) (Editors Note: Yes she is, and if she’s not, I am)

It’s the Adrian Beltre home run from the knee we all cross our fingers for when he’s up at the plate. Josh Hamilton’s base-clearing double that throws us out of our seats with excitement. And we can’t forget Choo’s cannon from right field to hose the runner at the plate. The fireworks.

We live it, we breathe it, and we can’t wait for it. It’s finally upon us. At the end of the day its MORE than just a game, it’s a tradition… It’s Opening Day.


In the famous words of our pal Chuck Morgan…  IT’S BASEBALL TIME IN TEXAS!


Happy Opening Day, y’all.

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