Former Texas Rangers Greats

As most of us now know, the great Michael Young announced his retirement from the game of baseball after a long career in Texas and short stints in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Lance Berkman also happened to announce his retirement a few days before Young. Each guy meant something different to the club, and baseball, and will be missed. The paths they took to get to the Rangers are vastly different, yet it’s no surprise their stories intersect with the Rangers.
It’s tough to lose a guy like Michael Young. Age cares not for creed, race, gender, ability, or any of the other superficial things we come to place value on through life. His last season was an indicator that this may be the perfect time to gracefully bow out and start the next phase of life. What he did for the club is unforgettable. A personal favorite moment was in 2012 in Kansas City, when he hit a two run homer to “avenge” Nelson Cruz, who had been hit by a pitch the previous at bat. Michael catching that soft pop-up in 2011 to seal the ALCS will always stick with us. It’s possible to go on for hours about what he’s meant to the Rangers and the fan base.

That being said, his last two seasons were not without some frustrations. 2012 became the official year of #PADMY, or past a diving Michael Young, and 2013 didn’t’ look too different. Defensively, he really was a man without a home and the Rangers had other guys ready to find one on the diamond. One can blame Jon Daniels for the drama caused by Young’s trade requests, but both Daniels and Young express no ill will and fans shouldn’t either. When both parties admit that things could have gone better, but things are ok now. Maybe we the fans should move on too. 

Berkman was a shocking signing for the Rangers to take on. I’m surprised it happened, primarily due to the fact that he had to be bought out of retirement. I’ll assume this was a lesson learned on all counts, because it did not work out as intended and the Rangers still ended up shelling out ridiculous amounts of money for a DH. I still would have preferred Young, simply because he stayed healthy and would be ready to go when needed. I was also shocked about the reports of him blatantly flaunting his 2011 WS ring and throwing it into his teammates’ faces. Again,
$16mil is steep, and it’s become a joke, but Young did lead by example, even if some blemishes came out as well.

In the interest of finding positives to signing Berkman, he did start off with a very nice OBP, which would have been helpful if he didn’t get injured. Honestly, his past was more impressive than his time as a Ranger. It’s ironic to find fault with banking on a player’s past, yet the Rangers have once again done it with Fielder and Choo. Plus, they’re hoping Moreland can contribute and finally break free of his ails. I still trust those three more than going out and finding a Berkman type, regardless of a sparkling past.

It’s time to say goodbye to #FACE and #LakeDad.

One will always be one of my top Rangers ever. Michael, if you ever get to read this, thanks for everything. You’ll always be a Ranger to us.

The other one? Thanks for half-hearting it while here, and thanks for Game 6… or not. Thanks for very little, Lance. Enjoy retirement.

Sarah Powers

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