Goat Of The Week: Justin Verlander

As the resident villain of SDI, I will have a new series where I feature a guy who receives the lion share of grief for the week whether it be a Ranger or their opponent.

The Darvish vs. Verlander pitching matchup was built up as baseball’s version of Ali vs. Frazier, but crashed and burned more than a Jim Knox bit on “Bark at the Park” night. Sure, Yu didn’t have his best stuff, but Verlander is the one that failed to show.   

We all waited several days for this matchup and some of us enjoyed the game in unique ways like Jason Parks (via Baseball Prospectus chat):

nbrett (Dallas): Will you be watching Yu vs Verlander tonight? If so could you detail how your night will progress, please be specific. Thanks.

Jason Parks: I don’t have a bathtub because I live in Brooklyn and I’m lucky to have running water at all–but I’m going to check into a hotel just for the amenities. Around game time, I’m going to cover myself in crisco and arm wrestle the hotel staff to make some extra spending money and to properly boost my testosterone. As the game progresses and becomes a festival of emotion, I’ll dip my oiled up and successful body into a warm bubble bath, where I will proceed to drink myself into a euphoric state as a listen to the sounds of magic coming from the other room. I’ll then call a friend to bail me out of jail. Probably Joe Hamrahi.

Alas, Verlander had the worst performance of his career, and that is coming off a less than stellar start against Cleveland where he went five innings, gave up three earned and walked five in a 7-6 loss.

In ancient times, to spare lives, an army would send out their best soldier to fight to the death with the opposing army’s best. Winner enslaved the other. This thought came to mind with Thursday’s matchup. Two of the best teams in the American League matching up two of the best pitchers in the game, yet it went something like this:

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Yu went eight innings while Verlander couldn’t survive the third. Verlander is the old guard, Yu is the new. As Peter wrote, the Rangers have an ace up their sleeve.

As one of the greatest diminutive musicians of our time once theoretically said,

“Game blouses.”

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Eddie Middlebrook
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