Introducing Total Starter Rating

The Yu Darvish “not an ace” debate has made its rounds around the Ranger community, several times over. Ever since that started the gears in the minds of many people have been turning trying to either prove or disprove whether or not this is fact or fiction. Here at SDI we have run different stat models on FanGraphs and Baseball Reference trying to nail that down to a definitive yes or no. 
In trying to answer the Yu Darvish question, Peter Ellwood, Robert Pike and I stumbled upon a formula that we think works in determining how great a starting pitcher is. We combined the per 9 (/9) stats, entered weighted values for each based on “run value by event” and applied park factors to each category and came up with Total Starter Rating. The stat is based what pitchers do per nine innings. For example Yu Darvish gave up a certain amount of hits, walks, home runs per nine innings in 2013 and wiped out a certain number of hitters via the strike out per nine. The stat takes all of those categories into account and basically gives you a hybrid of FIP.

Perfect, it is not. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy it. It is also downloadable.

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Total Starter Rating was created by Patrick DeSpain, Peter Ellwood, and Robert Pike.
Patrick Despain
Patrick is a member of the IBWAA and creator of Shutdown Inning. He was raised him Arlington, Texas and grew up watching games on HSE and listening to Eric Nadel and Mark Holtz on the radio. He is a long time Rangers fan and never achieved his dream of being a bat boy. He know lives in Georgia with dreams of a Texas return.

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