It’s Baseball In Texas

It’s over, it’s finally over.

I’m not talking about the dreadful series in Oakland. I’m talking about the wait.

The long, cold, winter has succumbed to warm spring days, birds chirping, the daily threat of thunderstorms, and playing ball in the front yard with your kiddo(s).

The snow and ice has given way to green grass and dirt infields.

The ice scrapers and snow shovels have been replaced with mat drags and line chalkers.

The icy roads have been traded in for the walkway over Mark Holtz Lake.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

Today begins a new season, a new dream, a new goal.

The fresh cut grass is accompanied by a fresh start and a clean slate. Everyone is equal.

Opening Day signifies the beginning of warm summer nights at the Ballpark, dollar hot dogs, beer, and Friday Night Fireworks.

The historically maniacal 2014 season has been replaced with a healthy rotation, a repaired Prince, and a rested Shin-Soo Choo. The setback of Yu Darvish will not overtake the jubilant feeling that is Opening Day (at least not yet).

Eric Nadel will dominate the airwaves for the next six months. The celebrations at home plate will send us home on a high. A high in which only baseball fans can understand, better than any other high you can fabricate.

Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus will lead the laugh factory, Prince Fielder – the bomb squad, and if you sleep on Leonys, he will become the thief in the night.

Derek Holland becomes the mound whisperer and Robinson Chirinos – the semi-automatic rifle gunning down the base bandits.

Ryan Rua is the new Henry Rowengartner.

It’s time for Chuck Morgan to pierce the night sky with his booming voice, the ballpark to be our home and the Rangers to win our hearts all over again. It’s time for the crack of the bat, the pounding of the mitt, and “Let’s Go Rangers” chants.

It’s baseball time Deep in the Heart of Texas.

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Billy Casey
Billy is a baseball fanatic and has been around the game since he was four years old. The first ever game he attended was in September of '89 and Pete Incaviglia denied him an autograph after he had a bad batting practice session. Billy has held a grudge since. Billy is also a baseball coach who is known to dance around the dugout like Ron Washington during big plays in the game.

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