Just A Little Turmoil

Well gang, the last few months have been a roller coaster haven’t they? With everything that has happened since the last pitch of the wild card game we can finally say we are nearly to the official start. And with the last week or so it is almost like the ending to a terrible dream.

The Rangers are in a bad spot right now. Key contributors are down for substantial amount of time. Jurickson Profar and Geovany Soto are going to be missing at least 10-12 weeks. Yu Darvish’s neck is stiff as a board. Matt Harrison cannot find the right combination on his sleep number bed and Derek Holland decided he would pick a fight with Cerberus. Okay his name is Wrigley and he fell down some stairs or something. 

Would you like me to continue this list?

All right, here it goes. Engel Beltre destroyed his tibia. Neftali Feliz lost his velocity somewhere between winter ball and Surprise, thus allowing him to play ball for the Express in Round Rock for a little while. That’s all I can think of right now, I am sure there is more just fill them out in the comment section below.

The last few days has tested the resolve of many Ranger fans, and I would be lying if I told you that I do not have one good feeling about where this season is headed. And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t knee jerk too much and it very optimistic when it comes to his favorite sports franchise. I tried to make myself believe that the club would hang a Division Championship banner on just home runs in the early 00’s. That being said, I am scared about what happens next.

Now let’s try to get some good mojo going into next week.

Prince Fielder is a Ranger. Elvis(arm soreness aside) and Adrian Beltre will be suiting up side by side come Monday afternoon. Choo, Martin and Rios will be patrolling the outfield grass and (per Elias Sports Bureau) we get to witness just the second pitcher since 1945 to make his first major league start in a season opener.

So we are all having fun, no?

And if all else fails maybe we can sacrifice a chicken or something.

Matthew Ridenour

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