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Lazy Comps are comparisons, and they are lazy because it’s not really in-depth scouting.

Subject: Mike Olt 3B: Will turn 25 in August. Has 40 MLB plate appearances. Rated #22 prospect in all of baseball prior to the 2013 season. In 98 AA games has a .981 OPS and hit 29 HRs. After being temporarily blinded, Olt has regained his power and is slugging .470 the last 28 days. 

Usually with this section I’ll do comparisons of the best/worst outcome for the subject matter. I failed to come up with any decent floor comparisons for Olt (feel free to add your comps to the comment section). So, I’m just going to toss out a two names of comparable players to Olt.

Mike Olt career MiLB: 291 games across five levels .268/.375/.874


Dean Palmer: career .251/.324/.796

Dean-o bridged the gap between the Rangers move between Ol’ Arlington Stadium and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He played the first eight years of his career with the Rangers (89-97). Palmer was known for his streakiness as a hitter, which is to be expected with a home-run/strike-out hitter.

Palmer led the American League in 1992, as a 23 year-old, with 154 strikeouts. Palmer also surpassed the 30 HR plateau four times. Also, I think this is his under-the-radar twitter handle


Chuck Solomon/Sports Illustrated
Pedro Alvarez: a .278/.372/.888 MiLB hitter, and a .238/.310/.754 MLB hitter.

I think Olt is capable of hitting for a .754 OPS at the major league level. However the Pirates had to endure a dreadful -2.2 bWAR season from Alvarez as a 24 year old before the could harvest the fruit of 4.7 bWAR over his last 225 games.

The Pirates had the equity (see: losing ways, with no expectation for winning) to let El Toro find his way. Olt has no such opportunity in Arlington. Olt has no leash for him to struggle let alone get regular at-bats in Arlington.

Olt seems to be the oddest man out. Jurickson Profar barely has a recognizable spot on the roster. Cramming Olt somewhere on the roster doesn’t figure to be ideal either.

Last summer, there was a time when it seemed like Olt would inevitably become a Philadelphia Philly in return for Cole Hamels. Obviously Hamels signed an extension, and that ended those specific trade rumors. It wasn’t too long ago that Olt was labeled as a headliner for a major trade.

While there is no apparent spot for Olt now, there may be something soon in the outfield, first base and DH. The Rangers will need some bats in 2014. A.J. Pierzynski, Lance Berkman (option that probably won’t vest), David Murphy and Nelson Cruz are all free agents. There could be several holes for Olt next year. He’s definitely worth holding onto, given his decline in value overall (even though he’s slowly rebuilding it), and his future value to the team. Would you be willing to trade Olt in a deal for Matt Garza? Or should he be reserved for someone else later that has more team control like Stanton?

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