Magic Show

The Pledge – “We will now, right before your eyes, take this team to the playoffs.”

Disappearing acts

Your premier power hitter sidelined with neck surgery.

A young arm recovers for half this season.

A true Ace leaves the roster before the season can even begin.

An Opening Day starter makes it through one inning, and then vanishes for months.

The closer is here, and then he is gone.

Elvis leaves the building again and again.

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Beautiful Assistants

A Rooster.

A Rule 5 guy runs center stage.

The steady middle of the rotation starter appears.

That guy from the last show, he’s back after a long absence, while in the spotlight in LA.

Who is this guy that will save the show for the rest of the year?

Mitch? He’s still here?

The Turn – “For effect, we will have one of the worst Opening Months in team history, only to make it that more impossible of a trick. Prepare to be amazed.”

The Prince returns.

Your browser does not support iframes.
Elvis enters Stage Right.

That sound? A Choo-choo train?

A Cole powered locomotive is coming down the track.

The steady hand at third base.

Through the smoke, there is an Odor.

The Dirtbag is back and he brought his magic flag shorts.

The Prestige – The Reveal

Close the curtains on the Astros.

The stage is set.

The Magic Number is 7.

This show has pizazz and more than enough tricks.

Look out Toronto, New York, Kansas City, we’re coming to your town soon.

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Leddy Foster
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