MLB Pace of The Game Committee – A Bad Idea

When I first heard that Major League Baseball was forming a committee to speed up the pace of the game I was initially against it. I still am. The biggest proposal is putting pitchers on a “time clock” between pitches and I don’t like that all.

Baseball players are creatures of habit and just as superstitious as anyone else in the world of sports. Yes, some pitchers take a large amount of time between pitches but that’s how they feel comfortable. If you start putting a time limit then you take the players out of rhythm and that’s not a good thing.

We live in a world where the NFL has commercial breaks with what seems like every time the possession turns so why attack baseball? The advent of instant replay in baseball is partly to blame. I realize it’s new but MLB needs to come up with a quicker system when it comes to challenged plays. It shouldn’t take three or more minutes to determine whether or not a player was out or safe on a play at first base.

Baseball players should be able to play at the pace that they want to. Whether it be a batter stepping out of the box repeatedly or a pitcher who needs to adjust his cap and focus on what pitch he is delivering next.  Go back through the history of the game and imagine what it would be like with a clock. Does Babe Ruth have time to call his shot?  Does Bob Gibson have the lowest ERA in the history of the game? Does Mark Buehrle do what he has done by pitching 15 seasons without a single stint on the disabled list?

Imagine the stress of being a pitcher who is trying to close out the winning game of the World Series. Now imagine that stress knowing that you are on a time clock.

Changing the replay system is all that needs to be done. The rest of the game is just fine. Leave it be.

James Holland

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