Nelson Cruz And The Possible Suspension

During Tuesday night’s shellacking by the Boston Red Sox (in which every Rangers’ pitcher but David Murphy allowed a run to score) news broke out that Major League Baseball was seeking to suspend at least twenty players including Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz in connection with the Biogenesis Clinic scandal. Other big names were mentioned including Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera. MLB is actually seeking to suspend most players for 100 games.
But there’s one small problem: None of the players mentioned have recently (this past season or never altogether) failed a drug test that could be linked back to Biogenesis. Instead MLB is relying on testimony from Tony Bosch and a paper trail that includes code names for certain players. Instead of having positive tests Bud Selig and his “good old boy” network are basing their suspensions on the word of a guy who is seeking protection and help from MLB with the feds. Stern is operating under the assumption that he can suspend players just on the belief that they simply purchased PED’s.

Here’s where I have a bit of an issue.

It doesn’t matter what sport you will find a history of players doing whatever they can to gain a competitive edge. It’s no different in baseball. From Roger Maris allegedly using horse steroids to Hank Aaron and a multitude of players in the 60’s and 70’s using “greenies” to the 80’s and rampant cocaine use and the 90’s until now with steroids and other performing enhancing drugs the game has seen plenty of “cheaters”. Baseball itself has cheated over the years with lowering the mound in the late sixties to create more offensive production and a number of changes to the ball itself to make it livelier.

Fans have to face the facts that players will do whatever they can to get a leg up on the competition and doctors will always keep coming up with the next thing that will be harder to detect. It’s the nature of all sports. And speaking of “all” sports, NBA star LeBron James has also been mentioned in connection with the Biogenesis Clinic but you won’t hear much about it because that wouldn’t fit David Stern’s agenda when it comes to his superstars and television ratings.

So for now we, as Rangers fans, can sit back and wait to see what happens  with Cruz and make suggestions as to who will be the right fielder whether it be Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, Jurickson Profar, Lance Berkman, Mike Olt or my dear mom.

Either way it’s going to be a long hard fight with many appeals and no concrete evidence aside from what somebody scribbled on a notepad.

James Holland is a Senior Columnist for Shutdown Inning. He can be reached at or @SDIJamesHolland on Twitter.
James Holland

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