Never Let Down

Let’s be honest, doubt is a very real thing.

And not just in sports, but for life in general. It resonates almost every decision we make, and for some, like yours truly, dictates why we do the things we do more often than we’d like to admit.

Let’s be honest. Rangers fans have doubts about 2015.

We’re missing a dominant ace, an infield wunderkind who has the ability to put a baseball in the bleachers, and have bullpen depth that doesn’t help anyone sleep better at night. (DISCLAIMER; if you or someone you know uses bullpen roster depth as a sleep aid, seek medical attention immediately.) There are questions about the health of big money contract players, and plenty of questions about windows and whether or not they’re closing.

But, let’s be honest.

Opening Day is no place for doubt.

Opening Day is a place for belief. It is a portal to youth, a chance to see joy in the faces of so many who have been or are currently being influenced by one of the most beautiful things in the world: baseball. It serves as a reminder that no ship deserves abandonment before it fully runs it’s course, let alone before it leaves the harbor. Opening Day puts us back at ease and gives us a clean slate to put faith in, just hoping for glimpses of glory in October. It revives us after a long winter, and prepares us for the majesty of summer nights. It gives us a chance to feel, if only for a moment, that we’re untouchable.

Feel free to nay-say and complain to your heart’s content, but I’ll have no part of it today.


Today, we get Texas Rangers baseball back. No doubt about it.

Jay Burnam
Jay Burnam is an avid Hip-Hop dance instructor, former Marine-Biologist-turned internationally ranked table tennis champion, and has been known to stretch the truth in written biographies. He feels incredibly uncomfortable writing about himself in the 3rd person.

Jay has a passion for baseball, people, music, the written word, and the pursuit of joy in all of those things.

He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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