Numbers Never Lie But My Ex Wife Did A Lot

  If we examined the 2013 Texas Rangers team on the basis of performance, who would you think that the MVP of the team would be? Adrian Beltre? Ian Kinsler? Nelson Cruz? You would all be wrong.

Last year when you compare the Texas Rangers performance you can look at hits, RBI’s or HR’s, but that would only tell one portion of the story.  When a star gets those massive contracts, the team and fans expect more from that star.  How do we know that the value of the player is worth that massive contract? Easy by applying the RMN PlayerValueIndex formula of (Hits+RBI’s+HR) * (a factor of how many games they played/163), and that total is divided into a player’s salary.

“But RMN, that seems to be unfair. What happens to poor Elvis Andrus. He doesn’t hit homers except when the wind is blowing out and the ball is juiced?” I take that into consideration in the RMN PlayerOBPIndex where I also involve OBP, other stats and a secret sauce (no Grubes, not telling you the secret sauce formula.) By examining these two factors I have come up with a list that will blow your mind.

                  The most valuable Ranger last year without a shadow of a doubt was Mitch Moreland.  I can hear you screaming at the screen now. “Mitch? C’mon Man.” No, I’m serious. Follow along and make sure you have a sharpened #2 pencil. Show your work.

Mitch had 107 hits, 23 homers, 60 RBI’s and an OBP of 0.299. He was consistent playing in 90% of the games, and the only thing that hurt him from being totally untouchable in the stats was his 117 strikeouts which led the team. Mitch was a steal at $22,498.62 per influential outcome, and if you factor in his OBP he rates at RMNPlayerIndex at 30.21 (where the lowest number is the best).

Who was the least valuable Texas Ranger last year? I know you might be thinking I’d say Ian Kinsler, Geovany Soto or A.J. Pierzynski.  Negative ghost rider, the worst Texas Ranger last year was Lance Berkman. Now before you talk to me about how he only played a portion of the season or how he was injured, the RMNPlayerIndex takes this into consideration.  Even with his time off, his 62 hits, 6 HR’s and 34 RBI’s make his salary of $10,000,000 look cartoonish. His RMNPlayerIndex number was 5247.48.

So here is the complete list of the best and worst players the Rangers had in their lineup with a minimum 45 appearances.


                  How does this year’s team measure up so far?  The results may surprise you.  Part two of the rest of the story on how the Texas Rangers performance this year isn’t as bad or as good as we think next week.
Rangers Magic Number
Who is Rangers Magic Number? Who cares? I could tell you about the ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, managing bands and getting favors from Globe Life Employees parking where I am not ever supposed to be able to but all that would do is make you angry.

RMN is the fan in all of our hearts, the one who brings out the Rangers jersey in March with hope & dreams of a World Series win, carefully packing it away in October with a tear in his eye. RMN believes and loves his team, still having somewhere a Rangers Bat Day bat that he got the year after we broke bleachers banging away as we faced the Royals.

I am a lucky man, married to a Rangers fan who loves me for who I am, a crazy fan. I do have many Ranger memorabilia, but my most treasured is a Nolan Ryan baseball. My son took it out of its case one day to play catch with me before he learned how close to a heart attack a Rangers fan can get when that happens. (We still played catch with a Oddibe McDowell baseball, don't ask.) I've been to Rangers games in Dallas, Houston and will eventually make it to Surprise. I've been working as an managerial consultant for many years and spend too many afternoons in meetings & phone calls but still cheer when I get to say HELLO WIN COLUMN!

I guess I am very lucky because of the people that I have met on this journey. We have drank a lot of whiskey and celebrated more victories than losses. So I look forward to meeting you down the road.

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