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I love being able to share knowledge with others, especially when it concerns a topic I’m passionate about. I also love outlets like Twitter because it creates an instant way to share information and gain some knowledge for myself. There are times, though, where it seems like misconceptions are so wide spread that it seems impossible to stop them. I’d like to try and do my part to end one, here and now, that annoys me more than it probably should.

First, a history refresher…
There once existed a first base prospect in the Rangers system named Mark Teixeira. He was drafted by the club in 2001 and by 2003, he had secured a spot on the opening day roster. He developed nicely offensively and defensively, so much so that Texas felt it necessary to offer him an extension worth 8 years/$140mil. He declined and was traded to Atlanta and later signed with the New York Yankees. Atlanta sent catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia plus three prospects, Andrus/Harrison/Feliz & another starting pitcher named Beau Jones to Texas to finish the trade.

Ok, so what could the misconception be? Trading Mark Teixeira was a horrible move because he would be a permanent fixture at first base and we wouldn’t have to worry about Mitch Moreland.

Why it bothers me? People never, ever seem to consider the following:

I don’t often shout (in real life or print), but this point is important… HE DECLINED AN EXTENSION! Whether it was solely because of Vicente Padilla getting on his last nerve and then some or other unknown factors, he was done with Texas. Texas didn’t pursue him as a free agent either. The trade was the final straw and that was that. There was no point in any other move than a trade move at the July deadline in 2007.

We all have our opinions on Harrison and Feliz, but they’ve helped shore up so much of the pitching here in Texas. Feliz had a magical 2010 and I always love watching him zip one right past Alex Rodriguez to secure the first World Series trip. Harrison took it upon himself to learn and improve and not get left off of any Rangers MLB roster again. Oh, and that kid Andrus? Well, let’s just say he’s been pretty dang good. The haul was worth it. Accept it. Embrace it.

It’s easy to see the frustrating aspects of a player moving on to a new team and doing very well there. It makes it more frustrating when they’re doing better than their counterpart on the former team. If you ever feel the thoughts of “what if Tex had stayed” creeping upon you, just consider the two points above. Sure, it’d be nice if he was here, but his departure helped even more. It’s all good.

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Sarah Powers

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