One Saboteur’s Delight

I’ve personally bought 20 tickets to tonight’s Rangers game against the hated division rival Astros, tickets that were earmarked as allocated to the 100 “Keuchel’s Korner” tickets for Astros fans, as part of my and Levi Weaver’s self-appointed effort to sabotage their takeover of our home ballpark. I’ve so far given away 5 of these tickets to, as best as I can tell, verified Rangers fans. I refused to give away one ticket to someone I believe to actually be an Astros fan in disguise. Maybe they weren’t, but we’ll never know.

If I can’t verify that you’re a genuine Rangers fan through and through, you’re not getting a free ticket to wear your Keuchel beard and bright orange Astros emblazoned t-shirt in MY team’s ballpark. Not in this pennant race.

Jeff Banister got us all super fired up immediately after last night’s walkoff. I’ve never seen a manager that’s as passionate about this game as Jeff Banister. Ron Washington sure was close, but Banny has taken ‘passion for the game’ to another level in a short time. Ron Washington led us though the best of times (so far) in our team’s history, and we should all be forever thankful for that. But, he’s not here now. Last time I saw Ron Washington, he was wearing green and yellow and he was coaching third base for a different division rival. Thanks for the AL pennants, but now you’re dead to me.

No matter what happens the rest of this season, Jeff Banister absolutely deserves to be the AL Manager of the Year; if he’s not, something is wrong with either the system or the voters, or both. We’ve disagreed with some of his bullpen management and other decisions this year, but no matter how you slice it this is true: Without Jeff Banister at the helm, the Texas Rangers are not a first place baseball team on September 16, 2015.

It honestly doesn’t matter to me whether or not MLB has set a precedent, or if clubs do things like this all the time. Hell, the Astros are doing the exact same thing for Rangers fans in Houston for the series later this month. But, so what? Let them. Maybe some well-funded Astros fans will do the same thing we’re doing. Go for it. Support your team.

Everybody should get on board. Buy up these tickets, and if you’re able to go, you should go to the game and wear red. Contact me on Twitter at @aycockonxion or by email at for more information. Time is running out.

Not in our house. Not on my watch.

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Robert Aycock
Robert's first Texas Rangers game was in June of 1991. That was a 15 inning game where Nolan Ryan pitched the first 9 innings, Gary Pettis went 0-6, and Robert was hooked for life. Robert has a pretty exciting job in the real world. He's a corporate tax attorney at an oil company. Don't ask about it unless you want to get really bored.

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