Rangers High A Team Has Stadium Lease Voided

The Texas Rangers High A Advanced league team, High Desert Mavericks, had their stadium lease voided by the city of Adelanto, California. This raises tons of questions about what the heck is happening and what happens next.

High Desert ownership released this statement today addressing the situation:

An Open Letter to Our Fans, Ticketholders, Sponsors and Residents of the High Desert community:


As many of you know, last week the Adelanto City Council, in an act that can be best described as nothing short of remarkable, voted to purportedly “void” the Mavericks’ lease for Heritage Field.


We are writing you to let you know that we at the Mavericks do not agree with the position the City has taken. Our lease, which constitutes a binding legal contract, was negotiated by the City Manager of Adelanto, vetted by City personnel, recommended by both the City Attorney and the Mayor, and approved by the City’s duly elected body, the City Council.


The City’s argument, which is that the team “serves no public purpose,” is undermined by the recitals agreed to by the City in the lease itself, which state that the City’s lease agreement with the Mavericks “is mutually beneficial,” and that “the team has become an integral part of the City and the region.”


Over the past few weeks, the Mavericks have reached out to the City in an effort to resolve the City’s concerns. The team is taking steps to enforce its rights under the lease. We have asked the City to engage in formal mediation to resolve the matter; should they decline, we will seek to have the lease’s validity confirmed through a formal arbitration process, and we are confident that we will prevail.


The Mavericks fully expect to be playing baseball at Heritage Field for the 2016 season. We will get through this matter, though we ask for your patience in the interim.


Thank you all for your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you at Heritage Field for Opening Day and the start of our 26th season in the High Desert on Thursday, April 7.

The city council “voided” this lease some two weeks ago according to Scott Lucas.

Lucas goes on to say that this is really just the city being unhappy with the current terms of the lease, wanting to void it and negotiate a new one – with better terms.

Shocker. A city wanting more money. Scott Lucas has some more to add to this situation:

This is between the city and the team and shouldn’t have any adverse affect on any the Rangers players. Heritage Field was already one of the most least desirable assignments in all of Minor League Baseball anyways and this just adds to it.

The Rangers might have some players, especially pitchers, skip High A in an effort to not screw with their development. High Desert is known for being one of the most hitter friendly ballparks in the country. Games routinely end with one or both teams scoring double digit runs.

The Rangers contract with the team is up after this year and I full expect the Rangers to look elsewhere for a new High A affiliate. However a return to the desired Carolina League looks a little dim at this point. That is one of the more complicated stories out there right now. Scott Lucas addressed the situation last year here and here.

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