Rangers In Talks To Acquire Josh Hamilton

Shutdown Inning and Brandon Land of Onestrikeaway has learned via sources close to Rangers ownership, that the Rangers are in serious talks with Anaheim to acquire former Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton.

Exact details at this time are unknown but early indications are that there are two scenarios:

1. The Angels buyout Hamilton at an unknown price, which would allow Hamilton to sign with any team he desires. It makes the most sense that he would sign with Texas.


2. The Rangers trade for Hamilton and Anaheim would eat the majority of his contract. Players going back to Anaheim are unknown at this time however, we were told that there would be no high level prospects involved.

We will provide more details as they become available.


Update: 5:30PM 4/24

Multiple National media outlets are confirming our initial report that the Rangers and Angels are in talks for a trade that would bring back Josh Hamilton. This is being reported as a full on baseball trade with players and money being involved.

As we stated last week, we do not anticipate any high level prospects being involved.

We will have more information as it becomes available.

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