Rangers Tender/Non-Tender/Arbitration Tracker

**Update 2/10/16** – All players eligible for arbitration have settled outside of court and Jon Daniels streak of never having a player go to court remains intact. Mitch Moreland was the last to settle, and he settled early this morning.


This is your Texas Rangers Arbitration and non-tender tracker. When any of the nine players listed below get tendered or non-tendered, we will update each players’ status. We will also update each player when the team gives them their figure and when the player counters with his figure.

Check back often for developments. The deadline to tender is midnight Wednesday December 2nd. The figures will be exchanged in mid-January.

Non-Tender/Arbitration Tracker

PlayerStatusPlayer Proposed SalaryTeam Proposed SalaryActual Salary2015 Salary
Mitch MorelandTendered$6,000,000$4,675,000$5,700,000$2,900,000
Chris Gimenez*TenderedN/AN/A$975,000$510,000
Robinson ChirinosTenderedN/AN/A$1,550,000$518,290
Nick TepeschNon-TenderedN/AN/ANon Roster Invitee$517,760
Tom WilhelmsenTenderedN/AN/A$3,100,000$1,400,000
Shawn TollesonTendered$3,900,000$2,600,00$3,275,000$519,700
Jake DiekmanTendered$1,550,000$975,000$1,255,000$535,000
Tanner ScheppersTenderedN/AN/A$900,000$515,200
Jurickson ProfarTenderedN/AN/A$605,000$509,500
James Jones**Non-Tendered (Re-signed to Minor Lg Deal)N/AN/ANon Roster Invitee$792,800

* – Chris Gimenez is signed on a split major/minor league contract. That basically means he is paid a prorated daily major league minimum salary while in the major leagues and if he is sent to the minors, he would make a prorated daily salary based on the minor league minimum. He if he sent to the minors and he refuses his assignment, he forfeits the remaining balance of his contract.

** – James Jones, who was received in a trade for Leonys Martin, was not arbitration eligible but was still non-tendered because he was PRE arbitration eligible. What this essentially means is that he was taking up a 40 man spot and the team felt like he was making too much money (money the Mariners had given him) OR they felt like him being on the 40 man roster wasn’t necessary and hope to sign him to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training, probably at a lesser value than his previous deal.

All other players have been tendered contracts but have not accepted them yet. That isn’t a good or bad thing at the moment. What this means is that the player didn’t like the initial contract that the team offered but doesn’t become a free agent because the player can counter. This is only possible because the team still controls arbitration eligible players.

So how this works now is that if a team and players can’t come to terms to a contract by January 12th, the player can file for arbitration. The teams proposal and players proposal become public and new figures can be exchanged on January 15th. If a new deal is not agreed upon by February 1-21 (depending on when their hearing is scheduled for) than the players salary is determined by an independent third party arbitrator.

For the record, Jon Daniels has never gone to a hearing with a player, and the Rangers haven’t gone to one since 2001 when they defeated Lee Stevens.

The business side of baseball is very complicated. Who the hell came up with these rules?!

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