Rangers Top 10 Prospects Quiz

Do you think you’re the ultimate Rangers prospect guru? Show us your smarts by taking this Top 10 Rangers Prospect quiz.

Simply fill out the top 10 Rangers prospects,every year since 2000 and see how you do!

Post your scores and time it takes you below. Let’s see how you compare to your friends!

These rankings are based on Baseball America’s rankings so keep that in mind.

Happy guessing!

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Kazuto Yamazaki
Grew up in Tokyo, Kaz fell in love with the 2004 Rangers that featured Hank Blalock and Mark Teixeira, and has been a fan since then. Other than doing baseball-related activity, which consumes most of his time, he enjoys singing and playing the guitar. He also writes for The Dynasty Guru and The Scoop Sports. You can follow Kaz on Twitter @Kazuto_Yamazaki and reach him via email kazuto.yamazaki@shutdowninning.com.

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