Relax, Enjoy The Ride

Rangers fans all over social media were in a fury last night. Just about every fan I interacted with appeared to indicate that the season was basically over and that the Astros were going to win the West and it wouldn’t even be close.

I warn that everyone should be cautiously optimistic. With the 2012 “2 game lead with 3 to play” collapse still fresh in everyone’s mind, the doubt is pessimism is understandable. But the more I sit here and think about this, the more I’ve come to a new conclusion.

As a fan, there is absolutely nothing we can do. Zero. Not a damn thing.

Why get upset? Why argue with your friends and acquaintances? Why make enemies with the tone deaf social media platform?

As a fan, baseball is a ride. The ride is what you make it. You can sit back and enjoy the ride for what it is, meaningful September baseball, or you can live and die by every single pitch and be miserable.

This team was not supposed to be in this position this year. And you can give me the whole “but they are here and they are collapsing” or the “they’re in first place and they should be good enough to hold the lead”, you still won’t change my mind.

We all get frustrated, I get it. I’ve been frustrated many times myself. Everyone has, even the beat writers. Albeit because of game times and deadlines, but the point is the same.

This year was supposed to be over in August anyways. Cole Hamels was supposed to help next year, not this year. This is nothing but gambling with house money.

Guys, enjoy the ride. Stop being miserable, it’s not good for your health. Smile, shake off a loss and wait to see how the next day plays out because win or lose, baseball will still be here in 2016.

Don’t worry, you still have about three months of arguing about the Cowboys ahead of you.

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Billy Casey
Billy is a baseball fanatic and has been around the game since he was four years old. The first ever game he attended was in September of '89 and Pete Incaviglia denied him an autograph after he had a bad batting practice session. Billy has held a grudge since. Billy is also a baseball coach who is known to dance around the dugout like Ron Washington during big plays in the game.


  • I decided, at the beginning of the year, that I was going to enjoy this season no matter what. I predicted 85 wins before Darvish went down, and 80 before Holland went down. After that, I gave up trying to predict anything. It’s been a ridiculous wild ride, and while there have been games I didn’t like, I’ve enjoyed the season as a whole. And I know that next year should be glorious, provided we don’t lead baseball in games missed due to injury again.

  • Each year of baseball is a new day so to speak.You never know if a team will live up to its potential or simply
    fall from grace.It is a game of opportunity and the question is will you grasp that opportunity if and when
    it presents itself.The Rangers were given that opportunity and grabbed hold and ran with it to the top of the division.
    Once there the fight is on to try and stay at that position.It becomes much harder when you are the target to defeat
    and what you are made of will determine your success or failure.As far as my feelings on this Ranger team well they got there so why not win this thing.Yes you can say they were not supposed to be here but that suggest you don’t believe they can win the West.Truth is they, by holding on to the opportunity,can win the title and when they lose I suffer right along with the team.I have been a baseball fan since 1955 so my ups and downs number many but along with those ups and downs there has been some remarkable moments.The players I have seen over the years are the ones we read about and I feel privileged to have been around and seen all those greats.Now lets hope the Rangers are inspired enough to take what has been presented to them.

  • While I agree with you and wish I could “enjoy the ride”- I’m not that kind of fan. I live and die with every pitch because I feel in some silly way that I ” put my own skin in the game” by doing so. I know this is a ridiculous idea as I’m not on the field or in the front office. I don’t have any money down on any of the games( or any team for that matter), but it’s my way of thinking that in some minute way I contribute. It’s amazing that with the injury to Yu and the players they have they are doing what they are doing. I’m like a kid watching this team and you’d think that if they won the whole thing that I’d be a millionaire or something- the way I act. Whether it’s perception or reality- I don’t believe the league or fans of other teams take this franchise seriously. That is why I want them to win a World Series. To say to my co-workers who are fair-weather fans of the Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals : “See! – They are the real thing”. I know that’s selfish but I also want Beltre, Moreland, Andrus, Napoli, Holland, and Colby to finally get that ring they should’ve had in 2011. I realize I’m completely off topic at this point, but I will say this: Living and dying with every pitch and every play makes the game real and fun to me.

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