Revisiting The Joey Gallo Predictions

When the Rangers announced that they were going to bring up young, power hitting third base prospect Joey Gallo to replace the injured future Hall of Famer Adrian Beltre, there weren’t many people who thought it was a good idea. Most of us, if not all of us, thought that Gallo would struggle with major league breaking balls, and he has had his moments where he has looked absolutely over-matched. But for the most part, Gallo has held his own and then some.

The news was that Beltre would miss about two weeks and lots of people started throwing out predictions based on a two week cup of coffee for Gallo, us included.

Let’s start with a look at his numbers for the first 14 games of his career.

In 58 plate appearances (50 official at bats), Gallo has slashed .260/.362/.580/.942 with five home runs, and 10 RBI. Those are the basic stats that most people were throwing out as far as predictions were concerned. He also has 10 walks in those games, included two of the intentional variety. He has a .333 average on balls in play and he has scored 10 runs.

So, how did some of us do?

Hey, that isn’t all that bad. He has hit for a better average that we thought, and a little bit more power but the RBI were dead on and the strikeouts were awfully close.

The very well respected Scott Lucas of The Newberg Report wasn’t that bad. His BB/SO numbers were nearly dead on, his slash line though, not so much. He did predict three doubles but Gallo to this point has managed just one extra base hit that hasn’t been of the touch-em-all variety. That lone double was nearly a home run as it hit the top of the wall in the third at bad of his career.

Jared Sandler, the current Rangers pre and post game show host was pretty close with the home runs (4) and RBI (13) predictions. Obviously he was a little off with Gallo hitting .260. His .5 BB per game prediction would translate to seven walks and that is just about exact (Gallo has eight) and his K/game prediction would translate to 14 strikeouts and with Gallo at 21, that prediction might have been a little hopeful. For the most part, our Gallo 14 game predictions were pretty darn close for all three of us. Predictions are nothing more than a crap shoot anyways, but it’s still fun to guess. There were others who simply decided to predict the Gallo debut game. How did they do?

This was a first game prediction from former Rangers pre and post game host Mike Peasley. He later admitted on twitter to completely disregard his predictions, mainly because Gallo singled in his first at bat. But if we had to go with a debut prediction winner, I think the next guy hit the nail on the head, squarely.

I have no idea who this person is, but he was right on the money. Kudos to you, good sir. Gallo did indeed go 3-4 with a single, double and a home run. Add in a walk, and a standing ovation for a strikeout, and Gallo had himself a pretty nice little debut. Can this guy give me some lotto numbers?

Now, I did find something very interesting on Rangers Reddit. They held a contest and several users predicted Gallo’s numbers through the teams 14 games. Gallo did get a night off so in their contest, he only plated 13 games but I am looking at Gallo’s first 14 overall games. Click the link, scroll about halfway down the list to a user with the name “RangerFace” and check out his prediction.

Dead. On.

Exact prediction on hits, home runs, and average. One walk and two strikeouts from tossing a perfect prediction.

You sir, win everything.

Joey Gallo is performing a little better than the expectations that he was tagged with so far and it appears he is going to force the hand of Jon Daniels to find a way to keep him on the roster once Beltre is healthy. Where he plays is anyone’s guess, really.

Gallo has shown the ability to adjust and lay off some tough pitches against some tough pitchers. Gallo laid off three straight breaking balls and drew a walk that started a little rally against the Dodgers the other night, then comes out and hits a majestic home run off Clayton Kershaw two nights ago. Gallo looked so over-matched against Chris Sale last week, that several people were wondering why Gallo was in there to face Kershaw, who is widely regarded as the best pitcher in all of baseball. Per ESPN Stats and Info, it was the second longest home run (439 ft) Clayton Kershaw has given up.. in his career!

Whether or not Gallo stays or goes is a debatable topic, but one thing is clear – his time here so far has been nothing short of must see TV. Gallo is just the first of a wave of talent that is getting ready to break the big leagues. With guys like Nomar Mazara, Nick Williams and Jorge Alfaro all waiting in the shadows, Gallo is a bright look into what the future Texas Rangers could look like.

Absolute fun. Get ready, Rangers Fans.

It’s almost time, again.

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