RIP: Aaron Mathews

Editors note: Aaron Mathews, the author of several “throwback” pieces here at SDI, has gone on to that great keyboard in the sky. While he will be sorely missed, SDI already has secured his replacement, one who shares a similar background with Aaron, owns many of the same skills and even looks like him a little bit. His name is Joe Stroop and he could begin contributing to the site as early as this week. His specialty will be, much like Aaron’s, the players and events that made the pre-Pudge Rangers one of the more flawed but fascinating teams in the annals of baseball.

So let’s doff our caps, face The Temple and raise a glass to honor our departed colleague.

OK, that’s enough.

Joe Stroop
I was a sports reporter in DFW throughout the 70s and 80s. I'm a former member of BBWAA and shared the Arlington Stadium press box with all the big boys. I'm here to remind you of the past. I own a Nokona.


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