Ron Washington Extended Through 2015

The Texas Rangers have taken care of business by giving manager Ron Washington a one-year contract extension, which extends him through the 2015 season. This decision seems to address a potential discussion before it even happens: one of whether or not Washington, the franchise leader in victories as a manager, should return after this season, and whether or not he would want to return.
Should the Rangers finish their 2014 campaign outside of the playoffs for the second-straight year (or what feels like the third because seriously, that Wild Card game against the O’s in 2012 should not count as “making the playoffs”), there would undoubtedly be a large contingent from Rangers fandom calling for the axe. Combine that with some more questionable in-game management, and another late-season flame out, and General Manager Jon Daniels may very well go ahead and fire Wash.

On the flip side, Washington could lead this team to another AL Pennant, and catch the eye of a desperate team (Marlins, Mets, Twins, Royals) wanting to make a turnaround similar to the 2007 – 2014 Rangers and money-whip Washington into leaving the Rangers for their team. With Wash signed through 2015, these other teams would have to ask the Rangers for permission to interview him, which I highly doubt would be granted.

This contract extension seems to make sense for both the Rangers’ front office and Washington. It doesn’t guarantee that Washington will be here through 2015, nor does it mean that 2015 will be his last year here. It simply tables a discussion/distraction that the team doesn’t want to have going on during the season this year. Now there’s only one thing to do: hit the field, play some ball, and bring a championship to Arlington.

Hayden Smith
Hayden was born and raised in the Metroplex, and is a senior at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He is on a mission to visit all of the Major League parks in the nation, and is only 10% there. He would bring back Josh Lewin, like any real fan would.

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