Semi -Interesting Baseball Facts: WBC Edition

In case you haven’t had the time/opportunity to check, the World Baseball Classic Rosters were released recently. Here’s who the 7 Rangers selected will represent: Derek Holland – The United States, Adrian Beltre & Nelson Cruz – Dominican Republic, Elvis Andrus – Venezuela, Engel Beltre – Spain, Nick Urbanus & Jurickson Profar – The Netherlands. Congrats to these gentlemen. 
Some of you more familiar with Profar may be wondering why he’s playing for The Netherlands, especially since he’s from the Caribbean. Well, here’s the answer:

As most of us heard during his MLB intro in September, Profar is from the island nation of Curacao, located in the Caribbean and about 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The reason Profar can be from Curacao and still play for the Dutch team is that he’s actually playing ball for his homeland. Curacao is still government property of The Netherlands. The island nation is allowed to have its own elected representation, but those representatives must report to the necessary leadership in The Netherlands; thus, Profar is actually a Dutch citizen. Also, if you happen to follow Profar on Twitter, you’ll see him tweet in his native language of Papiamentu.

The eyes of Texas will surely be on the Dutch (and “Dutch” himself) during the WBC, if only to see a glimpse of what the Rangers’ uber-prospect does in the competition & to see D. Holland in action.

Speaking of “Dutch” Holland, I truly hope he represents the Rangers, Texas and the United States well and has a rewarding experience. Thanks, as always, for reading and (in this instance) letting me drop a little obscure knowledge too.

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