Smart Allocation And The Rangers

Asset allocation has almost become a buzzword amongst Rangers fans in the last 3 years or so. Rooted in the finance world, the term basically implies that the owner of a set of resources knows how to utilize them in a way that will achieve maximum results, whether it be retaining resources or using them to acquire other needed resources instead. The Rangers are one of the best clubs at allocation in all of baseball and it won’t stop anytime soon. The fact that they are good may present some frustrations at the trade deadline when the big names (Stanton, namely) come up, though. Let me explain.
The price for Giancarlo Stanton will be high, even when he is a free agent. If, and it’s a big if, Miami is inclined to deal him at the July deadline, any club should be prepared to give up a lot. At the deadline, Miami will listen to the club who will give up the most, simply because they need so much at one time. In the winter, however, they can afford to choose to cherry pick what they need from a handful of clubs and may not demand too much of one single team in the process. If the Rangers choose to engage Miami, it will be in the winter. They know how much they’ll give up and usually don’t budge much.

Another reason why the Rangers front office is so good is that they’re selective with who they make deals with and it’s rarely with teams who are as bad off as Miami is right now. If an impact bat is going to be pursued, it would be with a fairly equal (read: not so desperate) trade partner. It would make more sense for the Rangers to try and discuss Shin-Soo Choo with Cincinnati or call Minnesota and discuss Josh Willingham. Both teams would require a good, but not nearly as steep, return for the sacrifice. They would also stand to have an extra piece to pick up as well that could further benefit the Rangers.

In the end, it doesn’t really make sense to expect the Rangers to try and nab the big fish at the deadline. The scopes of discussions between GM’s broaden considerably in the winter and much more is usually accomplished then. Also, if Profar keeps his good work going and Olt bounces back in AAA, who’s to say they won’t be enough to tide the team over through the rest of the season as impact bats. The front office will make the right moves when it’s the right time; trust them. 

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Sarah Powers

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