Take Me Out To Frisco

There are few places I would rather spend my summer nights than at a baseball game. There is something about being at a ballpark that makes life just seem better, regardless of what else is going on. I love the sounds from the game, the roar of the crowd, the peanuts, the boxes of Cracker Jack, and the nachos (especially the nachos). Even if the game ends in a loss, I still spent my evening watching my favorite sport being played, live and in person.

Since moving to the Dallas area in 2004, I have attended more baseball games than I can count. Granted, a good number of those were at the Ballpark in Arlington, but over the past several years, I have also been to a bunch of RoughRider games in Frisco. If you have never made the journey to Dr Pepper Ballpark, here are some reasons why you need to be sure this is the season that you make the trip.

  1. Location: The Metroplex is a great place to be a baseball fan, especially a Rangers fan. But for those on the north side of town, a trip to Arlington isn’t always feasible (especially on weeknights during rush hour traffic). Luckily for those of us up on the north side, we have a great option when it comes to seeing fantastic baseball. But, regardless of what part of the Metoplex you live in, a trip to Dr Pepper Ballpark is still well worth it!
  2. New Ballpark Improvements: The RoughRiders already had a great venue in Dr Pepper Ballpark but this past offseason, they did some upgrading, which included a new video board in the outfield, a new team store, an open-air sports bar, and an improved playground area.
  3. Daily Specials: No matter what day you end up at Dr Pepper Ballpark, there will be some sort of daily special going on. From Taco Tuesdays, which offers $2 tacos all game long, to Thirsty Thursdays, which offers discounts on selected beverages from 6-8p. There is also a fireworks show scheduled after the ten Friday home games this season. You can see each daily promotion in this article here.
  4. Seating: There is no bad seat at Dr Pepper Ballpark. Each seat has a great view of the field so you won’t miss anything. And for those who like a little more room to move around during a game (or who have kids who like to move around), there is a general admission section behind the outfield where you can bring your blanket and stretch out while watching the game. Just keep a heads up for any homerun balls that might come your way!
  5. Affordable: There aren’t many ballparks where $19 can get you a seat behind the dugout. The general admission section (which is first come, first serve) is only $7. $44 will get you four tickets, four Dr Peppers, and four hot dogs. This is a perfect combo for a family or a group of friends wanting to spend the evening at a game. This combo is not available at the box office, and must be purchased over the phone or online at least a day before the game. When you order tickets on the RoughRiders’ website, you can actually select your seats, not just a section. There is no “guessing game” where your tickets are going to end up. I personally love that! It’s also helpful when you are going to a game with a group of friends. Everyone can buy their own ticket.
  6. Pool: A swimming pool and a baseball game? Yes, please. What more could you ask for on those hot Texas summer days. Whether it’s for a family reunion, birthday party, company event, or 25 of your closest friends, you can rent out the Kroger Pool Zone located just beyond the outfield fence. Again, you might want to keep a heads up for a homerun ball while floating in the pool.
  7. Future Rangers: Attending a RoughRiders game is a great way to see future Rangers in action. Many current and former Rangers that we all know and love (and even some former Rangers we might not necessarily love anymore), made their start in Frisco: Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, Neftali Feliz, Alexi Ogando, Chris Davis, Ian Kinsler, C.J. Wilson, Scott Feldman, Craig Gentry, and Tommy Hunter all wore a RoughRiders jersey at one time.
  8. Autographs: For those of you who love autographs, the RoughRiders do their best to make time for the fans and sign autographs. All I ask is that you don’t be the jerk adult who pushes a kid out of the way for an autograph. But that is a soapbox for another day.
  9. Full House Night: On June 12 the RoughRiders won’t only be sporting jerseys paying homage to the great TV Show Full House, but actor Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone, will be at Dr Pepper Ballpark for a meet and greet with fans. As a child of the 80s, I grew up with this show and I’ll admit, I’m kind of excited about this promotion. For a schedule of all RoughRiders promotions this season, click here.


If you have never attended a minor league game, you are in for a treat when you go. I personally love minor league games. I can’t find the words to describe the atmosphere at a game there, but you won’t be disappointed. The RoughRiders start their season this Thursday in Frisco. As of the writing of this post, there were still a few tickets available for the season opener.

Rachel attended her first baseball game when she was only two days old (granted, it was her brother's little league game, and her mother stayed with her in the car), but since that day, baseball has been a part of her life.

Growing up in Austin prevented her from attending a lot of major league baseball games as a child, but she watched them on TV every chance she got. She has made up for those lost years by being a Rangers season ticket holder for the past number of years.

She received a journalism degree from a not so well known Christian university and served as a sports editor for a newspaper for a few years following her graduation. She is once again able to combine her love of baseball and writing by joining the SDI team.

Besides baseball and writing, she loves reading, interacting on social media, and binge watching TV series on Netflix in record time (no judging). She can be reached on Twitter at @averyfan or at rachel@shutdowninning.com. Before you ask, her handle is in honor of former Braves pitcher Steve Avery. She has her reasons.


  • I’ve only been once or twice, but it was years ago. I’ll have to come check-out the upgrades! Plus, taco Tuesdays sounds like my kind of day!

  • Harriette Davies

    Great article, it sounds like an excellent day out & a great park. Next time I’m near Dallas I’ll check it out – and I’ll try to get to minor league near me too!

  • Great info here! Definitely sounds like a place I’d like to visit. Thanks for this article, Rachel, and I look forward to reading more!

  • I love the Rough Riders too! It’s so easy peasy to get to. Iv been in the seats, the grass, and a suite at The Dr Pepper Ballpark! I agree…no bad seat in the house!
    There is nothing better then kicking back and watching a game!! ..and I always love a firework over the ballpark. It makes it that much cooler!!

  • Great article. I will definitely have to check out the schedule for the Rough Riders.

  • Great read! I’ve never attended a game at the DP Ballpark. Lots of things I wasn’t aware of that goes on there. Must check it out soon.

  • Growing up in Montreal, my passion for the MLB game left with our Expos. Having said that though, it is slowly returning as I spend more time watching and reading about minor league teams.

    The stadiums, the promotions, the players working hard game after game – it reminds me of how great the game can be! Really cool article – makes me want to head South for a game (and a swim!).

    And, Dr. Pepper Ballpark… How awesome is that???? 🙂

  • Great article! I love that ballpark. It’s a great place to spend a summer evening, and a whole lot closer than the Ballpark. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new upgrades in person on Opening Night this Thursday.

  • Lou "I'll steal yo girl" Collins

    Great read. I need to make it out to DP Ballpark soon. Love the new Rough Rider logo too!

  • What a great article, loved learning about a Park I haven’t had the chance to yet visit. Looking forward to more articles from you. #love

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