Texas Rangers 2014 Position Moves

There’s been a lot of talk this offseason regarding the Rangers middle infielders and possibly trading Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar in order to acquire another big bat or a top-of-the-line starting pitcher a la David Price. One school of thought suggests trading first baseman Mitch Moreland who has been rumored to be the object of desire from a few teams. That would mean moving Ian Kinsler to first base. Or Texas could keep Moreland and move Kinsler to left field with Craig Gentry as his backup. All of this talk had me pondering other position moves the Rangers could make. The following is a list of players and what other positions I believe they could play.
Leonys Martin

We all know how awesome Martin’s arm is in centerfield so I suggest that during home games he be placed in Greene’s Hill. I believe he could jump the fence to make routine plays and would be able to shag home run balls thus preventing fans from seeing that one fan from doing another dance. If a runner was to tag up on a catch I know that Leonys could still throw him out.

Ian Kinsler

Instead of first base or left field the Rangers could move him to peanut vendor. His range is awesome and he could easily cover sections 321-326 without blinking an eye though he may pop up a bag or two.

Yu Darvish

Make him the catcher. With the deceptive movement on his fastball he would throw out every runner trying to steal a base. It would look like his throw was going to be outside but at the last moment it would move to the runner’s side of the base and BOOM they’re out!

Adrian Beltre

I fear for my life. Beltre stays at third. I love you Adrian.

Adam Rosales

His fake hustle could be best utilized as a batboy. He would quickly retrieve bats and hand new balls to the home plate umpire in lightning fashion. A new twitter account would be erected in his honor and it would be @BatBoyTracker. M.C. Hammer would then make a new single about batboys and resurrect his career. I really hope that I don’t need to explain the M.C. Hammer reference. If you’re a true fan of the game then you get it.

Elvis Andrus

Elvis would be moved to secondary third baseman where his job is to pretend he’s catching pop ups. Profar can cover second and short at this time.

Nolan Ryan

Nolan would be moved to…Oh, yeah I forgot.

Ron Washington

The bullpen phone will be replaced by a fake one so that Wash “thinks” he’s making the right call to the ‘pen.

Another move made by the team as a whole will be the destruction of any bunt related charts and statistics.

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James Holland

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