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The ShutDownInning Staff weighs in on the Elvis Extension.11:59 pm @SDIMikeMcGehee: Ideal Rangers future is the middle defended by Elvis/Profar. All you jackwagons should be excited

12:20 am @DanAllsup: If you are going to give someone an 8 yr deal, it should be given to a 24 year old #ElvisExtension

12:22 am @DanAllsup: The negatives of signing a 24 yo SS to a long term deal: the guy behind him *MAY be even better, and is infinitely cheaper

12:55 am @DanAllsup: In a few years if TX still has EA/Profar at SS/2B, they could always switch positions when EA is 28ish, Profar would be 247:20 am @LaBlynne: How could you not love this Elvis extension? Super awesome. Totally love it. This is like JD dropping a nuclear bomb…But, this could also be the end of Ian Kinsler, Texas Ranger.

8:33 am @SDIMikeMcGehee: Elvis and Profar up the middle until 2019. Yeah, I’m stoked.

8:57 am @FutureGM: Was working on stuff in my new house late for the third night in a row, wasn’t on Twitter. Is the Elvis extension rumor real?!? Woooohooooo

8:58 am @DanAllsup: This Elvis- extension is great. Top 5 guy at his position in the middle of the diamond. Always a good idea.

9:00 am @DanAllsup: The goal now is to get the most value from Profar. Whether it’s playing 2B, or CF, or for the Miami Marlins.

9:03 am @DanAllsup: FWIW @keithlaw said on @BenRogers podcast a few months ago that: Profar’s 6 yrs is more valuable than Price or Stanton.

9:06 am @DanAllsup: It’s not a huge loss to play Profar at 2B a few years. He can swap positions in 4-5 years when EA starts to regress on D.

@mavsfan1310: Do you think Elvis will be less than stellar defensively at 28 or 29? Does Beltre suck at 34?
@DanAllsup: traditionally SS peak defensively around age 28. It’s a young man’s position.
9:13 am @DanAllsup: The amatuer talent philosophy of “best guy available” is going to be challenged by TX in the coming months b/c their best guys are blocked… hopefully they can use Olt/Profar properly or spin them into an awesome deal. Justin Smoak was once blocked too… #CliffLee #DavidPrice9:23 am @SDIMikeMcGehee:  Dunno if it will ever happen, but dreaming of Beltre, Elvis, Profar, Kinsler as my 3-6 and giggling with joy.

9:43 am @LaBlynne: So they’ll keep him until 2022? Thank you JD, I love you.

9:56 am @DanAllsup: Elvis’ new deal will give him the 2nd largest contract in yrs/$ in #Rangers franchise history….. for a SS. #Arod

@TexasStrangers: hoping Elvis over the life of this extension can exceed the 25.6 WAR ARod put up in 3 years. That’s 3.2 WAR per year.
@DanAllsup: 3.2 war would equate to about the 15M he’ll receive AAV. Might be on to something. Also inflation over 10 yrs will help
9:58 am @DanAllsup: It’s annoying but I think it should be asked. Was Nolan on board with giving a light hitting SS 8 yrs? Will he be at the presser?
@emiddlebrook: 70% chance of not being there. #science
@twbbg: 70% chance he’s there for 40% of the presser. #SexPanther
@DanAllsup: 80% chance Nolan skips the presser for a lunch date w/ Galloway at Del Frisco’s #steak
@twbbg: Odds they snuggle after?
2:31 pm @twbgg: “Sure wish we didn’t have all these great middle infielders.” — no one3:43 pm @DanAllsup: Someone should look at the possibility of a Profar/Taveras swap thru a Montero/Pinieda lens. Would be risky move. Which means JD might do it

3:45 pm @twbgg: I’d probably include Profar in a deal for one of David Price, Giancarlo Stanton, or Sal Perez. #probably

4:59 pm @FutureGM: Elvis is the first $100M player on the Rangers since A-Rod, correct? #thisisface #itisitis

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