The Rangerlich

After Monday’s 1-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates I noticed several fans on both Facebook and Twitter trying to lay the blame on Yu Darvish. I struggled with these opinions as I tried my hardest to remember the time that Darvish was at bat with runners on. It ended up with some fans and media members calling out the Darvish blamers for having a low baseball I.Q. or lack of baseball mentality. I then decided that I must do what I can to help fans out by developing a 10 question quiz that would prove their baseball intellect to the world. So, without further ado, I present…the Rangerlich.

(Please note that some questions may have more than one correct answer)

1. Before moving to Texas the Rangers were known as Washington _____________?

A. Senators

B. Nationals

C. Redskins

D. How dare you bring Washington and politics into this!

2. The first manager for the Rangers was?

A. Ron Washington

B. Buck Showalter

C. Johnny Oates

D. That guy whose head is frozen in a jar

3. Yu Darvish speaks all of the following languages except?

A. English

B. Farsi

C. Japanese

D. He speaks English?

4. If Steve Buechele, Nelson Cruz and Yu Darvish came to the plate at the same time what would the crowd sound like?

A. Who the heck is Steve Buechele?

B. Three people can bat at once? That’s cool!

C. A collection of Boooooo, Cruuuuuuuz and Yuuuuuu

D. No seriously, who is Buechele?

5. The Rangers manager in 1985 was?

A. I thought they started playing in 2010

B. Tom Landry

C. Tom Landry

D. Doug Rader

6. Fill in the blank: Yu Darvish _____________

A. Is an ace

B. Is NOT an ace

C. Would be treated better if he were American

D. Is awesome when we win, sucks when we lose

7. The current Rangers manager is:

A. Ron Washington

B. Ron Howard

C. Ron Swanson

D. Trying to sell me phone service

8. Which is true of Bobby Valentine?

A. Who?

B. Why are you asking me a question about some dude who owns a restaurant?

C. He managed Nolan Ryan

D. Didn’t he manage the Red Sox?

9. Which of the following players spent time in a Rangers’ uniform?

A. Dave Stewart

B. Goose Gossage

C. Ferguson Jenkins

D. This is too hard. What time do the Cowboys play on Sunday?

10. Before it was called Arlington Stadium it was known as?

A. Turnpike Stadium

B. Arlington Skatium

C. Texas Stadium

D. What is Arlington Stadium? I thought they renamed it AT&T Stadium

Thank you for taking part in this quiz. Please print this out, circle your responses and mail it to:


1001 Rangerlich Way

Walla Walla WA 20987

James Holland is a Senior Columnist for Shutdown Inning. He can be reached at or @SDIJamesHolland on Twitter.
James Holland

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