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Roughly one-fourth of the Rangers’ games have been played in 2013. So I thought it would be interesting to look at some stats and see how they would project over the rest of the season at the current pace. Obviously there’s a good chance a lot of these numbers won’t come to fruition. However, the 2013 Rangers are going to set some franchise records, and hopefully maintain the best record in baseball.   (Career highs in bold)
A.J. Pierzynski

2.4 bWAR, 404 PA, 16 HR

The 16 HR would match the second-most in his career. Also, the 2.4 bWAR is about a perfect value for the $7.5M he will receive this year.

Mitch Moreland

4.8 bWAR, 652 PA, 40 HR, 44 2B

All of those numbers would be career highs easily. In fact, coming into the season Moreland had 40 HR, and 44 2B for his career (weird). The 4.8 bWAR in one season is four times what Moreland entered the year with (1.2 bWAR). A career year indeed, if it holds up.

Ian Kinsler

7.6 bWAR, 720 PA, 28 HR, 44 2B, 12 SB, 96 R

The pace is obviously going to slow down with the DL stint. However, the 44 2B would be a career high, exceeding two other totals in the 40s. He also would’ve been in range of some of his career highs in PA, which is 731. The 7.6 bWAR is a very gaudy number, and would probably have him in the MVP race. It would also be a career high, eclipsing the even 7 he posted in 2011. 7.6 bWAR would also give him the 5th best season in Texas Rangers history (the three A-Rod years and one crazy Hamilton season).

Adrian Beltre

4.8 bWAR,  732 PA, 36 HR, 36 2B, 104 RBI, 104 R

Although, Beltre has taken some lumps with a .266 BAbip (career .294) he’s still on pace for yet another banner year. While 4.8 bWAR is quite an accomplishment, it would only be the 7th highest total in his Hall-Of-Fame career. The 36 HR would tie his second most for a season, with last year’s identical output.

Elvis Andrus

6 bWAR, 768 PA, 0 HR, 12 3B, 48 SB, 200 H, 108 R

Fun Fact: if the dual-wildcard was in effect in 2009, the Rangers would have made the playoffs every year in the Elvis-Era. The Rangers 87-win team would’ve edged the 86-win Tigers. A 6 win season would easily be a career-high. 768 PA would be a Ranger record, 20 more than the previous record holder- Michael Young.

12 3B would equal 2nd place in the Rangers history books for a season. 12 matches Chuck Hinton- 1963 (?), and two less than Ruben Sierra’s 14 in 1989. Elvis could further cement himself as a Rangers leader with the famed 200-hit season that Young was so famous for. Also, at the pace that Elvis and Kinsler are on, in regards to SB, Kinsler will finish the season with 169 SB, and Elvis will have 171 SB- both would sit number one and two on the franchise record list.

David Murphy

-2 bWAR, 568 PA, 16 HR

The -2 wins probably won’t happen. He doesn’t have the equity with Wash that Young had last year. Thus, he won’t be a regular in the lineup come July if he’s still hitting .205. It’s unfortunate timing for Murph since he is a free agent after the season, especially coming off a career high 3.5 bWAR last season. The 16 HR would be one less than a career high; and the 568 PA would surpass his high water mark of 521 last season.

Leonys Martin

4.8 bWAR, 376 PA, 8 HR, 16 SB

Leo is outperforming Josh Hamilton (-.7 bWAR). He is also on pace to exceed Hamilton’s WAR from 3 of his 5 seasons in a Ranger uniform.

Craig Gentry

4.8 bWAR, 336 PA, 4 HR, 20 SB

He’s only hitting .243, but he does plenty of damage with his legs. The 20 SB would surprisingly be a career high. 9.6 wins from CF would be amazing, if not unrealistic.

Nelson Cruz

.8 bWAR, 688 PA, 44 HR, 132 RBI, 154 SO

Cruz is the inverse of Gentry, he does actual damage in the field. A 44 HR campaign would surely net a qualifying offer from Texas, and decline from Cruz. Accumulating only .8 bWAR with 44 HR is also quite an achievement. I’m not sure what RBI are but Cruz is on pace for a lot of them. Cruz is becoming the prototypical aging-masher. He struck out 116 times in 2011, 140 in 2012 and is on pace for 154 whiffs this year.

Lance Berkman

3.2 bWAR, 616 PA, 12 HR, 40 2B, 108 BB

The 616 PA would trigger a $12M option for next year. The 108 BB would be Berkman’s second highest total is his illustrious career of walking. That many walks would also be the most by a Ranger since 1985. In that span only Mickey Tettleton (107 in 1995) and Rafael Palmeiro (101, 103, 104 in 2000-2002) ever went over 100.

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