The Rivalry

Growing up, I always hated the Yankees. Watching them spend all their money and win, and their cocky attitudes. My dad hated the Yankees. My mom hated the Yankees. I hated the Yankees. Hating the Yankees is just something you do when you’re not a Yankees fan. As Skin Wade would say, “I’m a front hater.” Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira both left the Rangers and had words to say about them that I did not enjoy. They went to the Yankees. The Yankees killed the Rangers in the playoffs in the 90s, and I never thought I could dislike a team more than I disliked the Yankees. I was wrong.
I hate the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I hate them especially this year with the addition of Josh Hamilton. I don’t like the things Josh Hamilton said about our town and our fans. I don’t like the things CJ Wilson has said since he left. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that their front office keeps shelling out money on things they don’t need. Every Angels vs Rangers game feels like an October game, and I couldn’t love it more.

I love to hate the Angels. The games are more intense. I’m overly invested in every single at-bat, and I constantly wish that whichever pitcher for the Rangers is up makes Josh Hamilton look the silliest he’s ever looked. During every CJ Wilson start, I want to see him walk the bases loaded and then hit a batter to bring a run home, because I enjoy irony. I think Mike Trout will be a great player for years and years to come, but I find happiness in the fact that he can’t throw very well. After last night’s game, David Carpenter’s ERA is 108, and that is hilarious. If these players played for any team besides the Angels, I wouldn’t take so much enjoyment in their failures. In fact, I love baseball. I love pretty baseball. I love to see players play to their full potential because it’s normally a beautiful thing – except when the Angels play the Rangers.

One of my favorite Ranger moments will always be when Neftali Feliz got A-Rod looking during the 2010 ALCS to seal the Rangers’ first World Series berth. The fact that the opposing team was the Yankees and the opposing player was Alex Rodriguez will always be sweet. However, watching Yu Darvish make Mike Trout look absolutely dumbfounded on strike three-looking in the middle of a game in April quickly made my list of great Rangers moments. Nelson Cruz hitting 3-run homeruns in back-to-back games was a little sweeter in Angels Stadium. Winning two out of three on their turf is perfect icing on the cake. Rivalry is a beautiful thing in the sports world. I love to hate the Angels.

Emily Cates is a Staff Writer for Shutdown Inning. You can reach her at or on Twitter at @EmLikesBaseball
Emily Cates

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