The Season That Shouldn’t Have Been

It was heartbreaking to see Yu Darvish get 0 runs of support after yielding only 1 run on 4 hits (this was his third time this season to lose 1-0, in fact) and it was made even worse when the offense was finally able to get within a shot of winning the next two, and still fell short both times. 
Here’s the thing: the Pirates managed to get one on Darvish and Gerrit Cole was very, very good that same night. The pitching just didn’t hold up as needed the next two outings. That’s just how the game goes some nights. There’s something bigger to remember after this weekend, though…

The 2013 Rangers are not supposed to be where they are today. There’s no need to rehash again the adventures of the pitching staff or the up and down hitting of some key players. We’ve all seen how things have panned out, and yet the team is involved in meaningful baseball. It’s ok to miss Josh, or Koji, or the Mikes (Young and Napoli), but the team in front of you is trying to do something in the here and now. For the Rangers to be 81-64, 3 games back in the division, and leading the Wild Card race, is an expectation exceeded at this point, even if only marginally exceeded.

They want to fight for the division, the playoffs, and the season that wasn’t supposed to be as it is now. As they prepare to face Oakland, in what is truly a pivotal series, the three best pitchers are going up against their division foes and the bats will have time to regroup and reenergize before Friday. They are not done, they are not giving up, so why should we, the fans, think that it’s time to stop watching and cheering? The time for baseball is now and it’s up to us to watch, cheer, and support the guys who aren’t done yet. Who knows, they may even surprise us in the end. 

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Sarah Powers

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