The Sinkehole of June 2013

This will be quick. I just want to point out that the month of June has really been a downer for the Rangers. I don’t need to point that out, because you pay attention to the Rangers too, and the last 11 games since the calendar flipped to the sixth month of the year just haven’t been very much fun. So really, I’m just pointing out how not fun the month has been.
There was another really not fun month in 2012. That month was July. October was probably the least fun month of 2012, but July had the biggest impact. Here are some of the team’s offensive numbers from July 2012:


And now, here are those same offensive (literally! LOL lulz) numbers compared to June 2013:


Ugh, that team OPS (Rangers finished 2012 with a team OPS of .780; have a team OPS of .764 in 2013). Phew, that batting average with runners in scoring position. Yuck, that runs scored per game.

The Rangers went 9-14 in July 2012, and are 4-7 so far in June 2013. That’s a winning percentage of .391 and .363, respectively. The Astros have a winning percentage of .333 this year.

I said this would be quick, so here comes a summary with a light-hearted tone.

In July 2012, the Rangers were bad, but they were healthy. In June 2013, the Rangers have been bad, but they’re not healthy either.

July 2012 could be blamed on key players like Josh Hamilton (.607 OPS, 1-21 with RISP) and Michael Young (.577 OPS). June 2013 has its struggling players too like Lance Berkman (.531 OPS), Elvis Andrus (.496 OPS), and David Murphy (.572 OPS), but Texas is also really missing Ian Kinsler and Mitch Moreland, who have been on the DL for most of the month.

The other good news is that the Rangers may be showing their most glaring weaknesses just ahead of the month in which they have the greatest opportunity to patch some holes before the trade deadline.

So there you have it, things are bad in a déjà vu all over again kind of way, but they’ll get better!

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