The State Of The Beltre Address

Across the American League, the position of third base has started off very slowly this season. When the position is manned by names such as Beltre, Cabrera & Longoria, you’d expect them to set pace for other guys like Machado, Middlebrooks & Moustakas to follow. Third has become a fun position to watch, so the slow start seems a little off. 
This slow start has Ranger fans concerned about whether Beltre will be able to catch up & be the threat that we’ve come to expect. There is some justification to the concern. Kinsler, Andrus & Berkman are doing great work to get on base. A hot hitting Beltre would probably do wonders for the run differential.

Is this a sign of regression or is it just Beltre being Beltre?

It’s Beltre being Beltre. If you look below, you’ll see he’s oddly slow to start, yet oddly consistent as well. Let’s look at some numbers through his first 13 games of the last three seasons:

2011 – First 13 games:


2012 – First 13 games:

2013 – First 13 games:

As long as Kinsler, Andrus & Berkman keep their own good things going, Beltre will be a huge contributor when he gets going. Even his defense is still superb. He has one fielding error and two throwing errors. The fielding is solely earned by the player, but the two throwing errors? That’s the score keeper deciding that Moreland had no chance to scoop the plays… which he did, actually, but that’s another story.

The Beltre, so far, is fine. Give him a little more time and he’ll be there. If this is still a trend at the end of May or early June, then we can come back and talk regression. Until then, enjoy him and the Rangers.

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