The Struggle

I’m writing this just a few minutes after watching the Indians polish off a 3-game sweep of your Texas Rangers. On the bright side, Texas did manage to score 8 runs in the series. On the not-as-bright side, they scored all of them in the first game.
If the last 3 days of baseball weren’t depressing enough, here are some other tidbits:

  • The Rangers won 10 of their last 13 games to close out June. That included 4 series wins and a sweep of the Cardinals. Even with the hot streak, Texas managed to finish the month right at .500 (14-14).
  • Since the late-June surge, the Rangers are 8-15. In that span, they’ve scored less than 3 runs 11 times, have been shut out 4 times, and are averaging just over 3.5 runs per game.

  • With only 3 games left until August, July is guaranteed to be their first sub-.500 month since last July (not including last October or March, when they went 0-3 and 0-1 respectively).

  • Since June, Texas has lost 4 series, split 2 series, and won only 1 series (July 5th-7th against the Astros).

  • Since the All-Star break, Texas has sandwiched a 4-game split between 2 sweeps.

  • If the Angels can manage to beat the A’s tonight, the Rangers will still be only 5 games back, which somehow feels like a victory after the last week+ of baseball.

  • Texas is 2-8 since Derek Lowe retired, which probably has nothing to do with anything…probably.

I don’t write this to tell you anything you don’t already know. The Rangers are playing bad baseball and losing games because of it. The pitching staff has done its part to keep the team afloat, but the offense has been abysmal.

That said, hope is not lost. With 2 solid months to play, the season isn’t yet 2/3 of the way over. Five (or six) games out isn’t insurmountable if Texas can take care of their own business and start winning winnable games.

July has been disappointing, frustrating, and at times infuriating, but it’s still only July. Let’s see how things have shaken out a month from now.

Press on, Rangers fans.

Mike Luna is a Staff Writer for He can be reached at or on Twitter @twbbg.
Mike Luna

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