The Wildest Roller Coaster In Arlington

The Shock Wave, with its back-to-back vertical loops, is the most dizzying, and the Texas Giant is certainly the most dangerous, but the wildest, most thrilling and chilling rollercoaster in Arlington isn’t among those located on the grounds of Six Flags Over Texas…it’s right next door.
The rollercoaster at 1000 Ballpark Way can take you in the blink of an eye from reaching for the sky in pure ecstasy, to churning your guts so violently you’re brought to the agonizing brink of losing your lunch.

This rollercoaster has everything: staggering highs, unfathomable lows, whiplash-inducing turns, and even one of those cameras perfectly mounted to capture the extreme reactions of those on board for the ride.  You probably know this camera by its more common name: Twitter.

No single lens provides a more accurate peek into what the riders of this rollercoaster are really feeling during each of those steep ascents, rapid plummets, and sudden changes in direction.  Not everyone wants to see the snapshots that were taken, because often they are extremely unflattering.  So much so, some might have a hard time believing they are even the person in the photo – especially when they’re shown spewing bile all over themselves and their fellow passengers.

But no matter how you end up feeling when this rollercoaster ride has finally ended, eventually once your legs stop wobbling and your stomach finally settles, there’s almost no doubt you’ll be back for another ride next time.  And that same telephoto lens will be there, as well…so try and remember to smile for the camera!

Bob Bland is a Staff Writer and host of the “Diggin’ In” podcast for ShutDownInning. 
He can be reached at or  on Twitter @SDIBob.
Bob Bland

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