Unbridled Hope

I’m distressed.

Yeah, I’m uneasy and it has nothing to do with the state of the Rangers.

There’s nothing new about experts, pundits and analyzers making predictions. Readers eat that stuff up. As you can imagine, some predictions are more informed than others. National writers are tasked with providing some level of expertise on 30 different teams all over the country. That’s a tough job.

Understandably, it’s very difficult for those writers to provide much more than a surface level analysis. This year those writers, along with some of those that are much closer to the team, have declared the Rangers 2015 season a bust.  I get it. When you look at this team on paper after a disastrous 2014 campaign and a catastrophic injury to the team’s consensus best player, things don’t look pretty. It’s their job and it doesn’t distress me.

What distresses me is the fact that Rangers fans seem to have allowed the educated guesses of people getting paid to make those guesses to effect their baseball watching enjoyment.

I’ve heard from countless fans that this season is a lost cause. I’ve heard that they’re prepared to watch a team that may not see 70 wins this year. I’ve heard fans already placing blame on the terrible 2015 season we’re about to endure. Why?

It’s really exhausting to be pessimistic. Sure, educated guessers don’t think your favorite team will be good but that doesn’t mean they won’t. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy every minute of the season while the Rangers try to prove everyone wrong.

I’m going to choose to be optimistic. I’m going to watch my favorite team with the understanding that ANYTHING can happen. We’ve seen it time and time again. Maybe this year is the year of Rangers magic.

Viva baseball.

Jasen Southward
Jasen is a self described Rangers homer who lives in the valley of the lows and the crests of the highs. Tons of knee-jerk with a side of heart. Covering the minor leagues.

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