Welcome to the Joey Gallo Experience


Joey Gallo is a major leaguer now. That sentence looks so beautiful on my computer screen I had to take a minute to just let it sink in. Last night I had the honor of watching Joseph Nicholas Gallo make his major league debut. This guy sure loves making a big entrance. The Texas Rangers are once again appointment television in DFW and it’s not just because of Joey Gallo. I remember the last time Rangers baseball was this fun there was a pretty good player in a number 32 jersey and the team won more games than it lost. This was back when I didn’t cringe at the sight of every hard slide or trip in the field or exceedingly dangerous high five. It was back when Joey Gallo, Jake Thompson, and I were in high school and baseball didn’t break my heart as often as it did last year.

This year feels different. If you would have asked me even a month ago what the year would be like I would have told you gloom doom and put the season in a tomb, but what do I know? Watching Gallo have possibly the greatest rookie debut of any Ranger in history brought a life to Globe Life Park that has not been there in what has felt like ages.

For those of you who have followed Joey’s trek from draft to debut you understand the journey it has been for the young Nevada slugger to make it to triple-decked stadiums. Watching Gallo drop his first bomb in the big leagues was an experience I will tell my grandchildren about for many many years. I got a little sentimental watching him destroy the South Side Sox like they were some other Texas League team because Gallo was the prospect who got me into following prospects which eventually irreparably altered my career path and ultimately my life.

So I want to take this moment to thank you Joey Gallo if you are reading this. Thank you for not only hitting baseballs very far but for being the type of dude with a story that makes people like me want to tell the world about it. Watching you fulfill your dream of becoming a big leaguer inspires me to work harder to achieve my dream of being a professional baseball writer and maybe some kid reading a story I wrote about a dude like you will be inspired to work their tail off to achieve whatever dream they might have.

Whenever folks ask me why in the world I spend so much time following and writing about minor leaguers I tell them because of success stories like yours. Because of success stories like Chi Chi Gonzalez. Because of success stories like Guilder Rodriguez. Thank you Joey Gallo for having an incredible first chapter to the story of your baseball career. I know we all will read intently until the last page.

Oh and by the way, thanks Joey Gallo for hitting baseballs a very long way. Keep raking.

Brice Paterik
Brice is a Junior Journalism major at Texas Tech University in pursuit of a career in Sports Journalism. Growing up in Dallas his whole life, Brice has been a Rangers fan since before he batted against a machine. He's a sucker for a high ceiling athletic prospect without a hit tool or 20 year olds who throw 100 mph and can't hit the zone. He over values every prospect and is a hopeless romantic for baseball. She's broken his heart a million times but he will always come back for more.

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