What To Say When A Hero Falls

One of the perks of being a school teacher is getting to play a hand in helping a child learn about the world and how it works. I imagine that that sentiment is doubly enhanced in parenthood when the child is your own. My family still enjoys talking and watching baseball together, and my father has taught me a lot about the game, even the negatives. I knew why Sosa, McGwire, and Bonds were in trouble, but my dad used the occasion to talk about all of the negative things that come with watching “heroes” like them fall from grace.
Now, here I am, along with the rest of the baseball world, waiting to see more heroes fall. The two names that stand out for Rangers nation are Nelson Cruz and Alex Rodriguez; we wait to hear their fates, but it seems certain that baseball will be kinder to Cruz and not A-Rod. In the midst of all the waiting and speculation, I’ve started to ponder what I’ll tell my kids one day when they ask about this Biogenesis scandal.Lesson from Cruz: Maintain Your Health Responsibly

When it comes to explaining Cruz, I’m not sure anyone can yet, except Nelson himself. There are many people saying that he never medicated to bulk up, but to help his ailing hamstrings heal quickly. I can understand the want and need to heal quickly and get back to the team, but never at this kind of price. Cruz plays on a team that expects to contend, and he’s a huge part of that success; but, now that he’s going to have to step away, there is the dark cloud of “how do you replace him” hanging over the front office. It will be hard on everyone to lose him, especially when the cause was avoidable.

Lesson from the A-Rod Experiment: Spend Money Wisely

Explaining A-Rod will be an interesting feat unto itself. He’s a cautionary tale about how things can spiral out of control when you feel the need to protect a career and the financials that come with it at any cost. There’s one important, if slightly understated, lesson that comes with A-Rod’s tale: financial responsibility. Tom Hicks was credited with pulling off a huge feat and nabbing a big name in the winter, but at a very steep price. Now, that steep price comes with the consequence of Rodriguez still getting paid during his suspension, thanks to the way the Rangers decided to defer the payments of money owed to him. Hicks did not make a financially responsible move by any means. It not only impacted the club then, but still does even now in the modern day.

I’m looking forward to the day when I get to introduce my children to the game of baseball. I want them to hear about the good and bad and learn from it all. There are valuable lessons to be learned in every facet of the game, even if they only get to enjoy baseball as a fan.

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Sarah Powers

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