Who Are You?

“Who’s going to be the fifth starter instead of Perez? Nick who?”

“Ogando’s down, and they call up who? Josh Lindblom? Never heard of him.”

“Tepesch has a blister and some dude named Ross Wolf is starting for him. Who’s he?”

Have you uttered any iteration of the following this season? It’s ok if you have; many in Rangers nation probably have at some point in 2013. The latest names to come, and probably go, through the Ballpark in Arlington are relatively unknown until their day in the sun. Something crazy is happening, though… some of them are delivering exactly what the team needs, right when they need it.

It started with Tepesch and Grimm, who have been highlighted on the site several times, getting to start for Lewis/Harrison/Perez. Now, with Ogando and Tepesch nursing aches and blisters, we’ve seen the second half of the parade come through with Josh Lindblom and Ross Wolf.

These two were facing the same opponent, the same career obstacles and neither had made a MLB start before their call ups. Lindblom did not fare well against Oakland, going 4.2 IP with 4 runs on 7 hits. Wolf, on the other hand, was a much needed stop-gap before a day off to help the club avoid the sweep. His final line? 5 IP, 1 run on 3 hits, 2 walks, and 3 strikeouts. As expected, Lindblom was almost instantly sent back to Round Rock after the game Tuesday. As of this writing, there is no word on what is to become of Wolf yet. Considering there’s an off-day, a double header coming up and a nifty pitcher named Martin Perez just about ready to join the team as intended from the beginning, his time may be short, but not forgotten.

Also, last but certainly not least, let’s talk Neal Cotts. He’s only been up two games, but has started knocking on the Door of Trust that leads to Ron Washington. He has been summoned in some hefty jams and has responded very, very well. He’s had the attention of some more hardcore fans who have been following his great work in Round Rock thus far and now the Rangers are seeing him finally. I can most definitely see him staying on if what we’ve seen is a positive trend and he keeps up the great work.

It may be frustrating to see the injuries pile up and learn yet another name and face, but they’re making it interesting to tune in and watch what happens. When you compare the results of a “patch-work” system in the Rangers organization vs. the Angels organization, the depth of the Rangers system starts shining and getting everyone’s attention. As always, it’s an exciting time to watch Rangers baseball. Enjoy it! 

Sarah Powers is a Staff Writer for ShutDowninning.com. She can be reached at sarah.powers@shutdowninning.com or on Twitter @Power_Play86.
Sarah Powers

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